Eminem and Jay-Z Do It The OG Way

- By Bossip Staff

Eminem couldn’t have been too angry at the sack in the mug, because he is still in Cali and hasn’t run back to “The D”, yet. Em and Hova killed it last night at the DJ Hero Launch show. Everyone came out to see a couple of the best in the game do their thing.

Tyrese came to the show along with Taraji P. Henson, Aisha Tyler and Baron Davis with his signature swirl…

Images via Wireimage

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  • bmore chick

    LOVED IT!!

  • Mandy

    very nice,, i heard many celebrities have a account on _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ “”””””, i.m doubt since i found her profile.. you can talk with them online, it’s awesome~~~

  • Kill-iLL-Lights

    Can you put a price tag on a soul? I know I can’t. Look it, two soul sellers.
    Baphomet worshipers WILL burn in hell.

  • JB Cougarlicious - In Luv wit a Male Stripper named....

    I bet that was a good one

  • Kill-iLL-Lights


  • bmore chick


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Is just me or can you not select the pic’s and view them closer!? WTF up wit dat!?

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • missunderstood

    I bet that show was off the hook… Wonder if they did Renegade…

  • Doomster

    I hope they did Renegade.

    Show today’s idiot rappers what a LYRICIST is.

    Hope Soulja girl and bow wow were taking notes.


    Please stop accrediting the current quality of popular music to me. Not even I am that evil.

  • num1dominicano

    is it cold in LA?

  • R. Kelly

    Best of both Worlds Tour Part 2 coming soon with me and Hov!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    The two best rappers alive… Period!

  • Nice pics!

    Hot! i love Jay Z

  • Ieshia86

    i know they both did the damn thing

  • Moreaces

    I hate being at work and not able to view certain things..

  • aight

    Damn…I want that DJ hero game….now!!

  • OK go!

    i like Jays shirt! em looks great too.

  • barb

    i was thinkin the same thing.

  • wdrichardson562

    I aint mad a B Davis that white girl is bad!

    Yeah ,it is cold in Cali right now.

  • num1dominicano


    I aint mad a B Davis that white girl is bad!

    Yeah ,it is cold in Cali right now.
    I doubt it’s that cold to be dressing the way they are…

  • Ummm.......

    How do i post my pic on here?

  • JesusisGod

    I am starting to believe that J-Z is a devil worshipper. WTF is he wearing????????????

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