Who Looked More Tacky?

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Kardashian and dania ramirez

Look at Kim Kardashian in those cheap looking shorts and throwed’ jacket. Now look at Dania Ramirez in that sky blue ensemble with the dog hair. They both came to the DJ Hero Launch looking cheap.

Out of the two ladies… Who Looked More Tacky?

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Kim Kardashian Dania Ramirez Kim KardashianDania Ramirez2

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  • bmore chick

    ewww cant decide they both bad

  • kahmmillion




  • biracial bombshell

    Dania looks more tacky only b/c that furry excuse for a bag is HIDEOUS!!!!!! I would NEVER carry something that looks like that!

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!! Lev 20:13



    Dania looks like she found a dead cat on the expressway and thought it would make a good accessory.

  • Nigga Said

    Dania can get it. Then I’ll give it to Kim. Hey, what can I say. Im easy.

  • missunderstood

    Kim looks tackier. The jacket and short/pants don’t mesh… At least the other chick is matching…. (although it does look like she’s carrying aroung a dead poodle…_

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    they both look perfectly fine to me

  • num1dominicano

    both are top notch….don’t see a problem with either..

  • Nique

    Kim is usually on point(fashion) but that outfit is just wrong.

  • MySoulIsFull

    Kim looks more tacky to me.

  • http://cmorgan1224@hotmail.com borntrendy86

    correction: FASHION

  • Sharie

    Dania could still get it any day of the week-

  • told you so

    where is the chick in the blue from?

  • ysr

    Kim K please just wear something that shows the cakes, no one cares about anything else ur pushing.

  • ummm

    kim has 2 stylists, she pays them alot of money, and for some reason she still dresses bad most of the time, what’s up with that? yuck @ that outfit.


    R. Kelly, aren’t those chicks waaaay too old for you?

  • R. Kelly

    You know what, you are absolutely right, do you have a sister under the age of 16?

  • wtfever

    Dania is a naturally pretty woman. I dont like Manufactured Kim

  • http://www.yahoo.com Blue Topaz

    KK is pretty, but I am not feeling this particular outfit.


    Kelz, my baby sister is 30, dawg. She’s a ‘granny’ compared to what you normally chase. Ha-ha-ha.

  • R. Kelly

    Well, does she have a daughter?


    Sorry, brah. She’s still working on her education.

  • Cutie

    Dania – Put the bag down..the outfit would be cute otherwise

    Kim K – Everything is cute..just NOT together.

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