Lebron Acted Immature After Loss…And Cried Like The Magic Stole Something

- By Bossip Staff

People are saying Lebron James acted like a little ho after the loss to Orlando on Saturday night:

The Cavs were sent packing after a painful game 6 loss in the Eastern Conference Finals. But many people don’t consider it to be a loss. More like blowout. An embarrassment. Basically, the Magic erupted for 103 points and defeated the Cavs by 13. Although 13 points does not show what really took place during Saturday night. The minute the game had been completed, and just as LeBron’s basketball world finally came crashing down, he walked off the court with the stench of pity on him. And for Cavs fans, as much as they wanted too, there was nothing they could do. The reporters didn’t have the chance to explode with questions. Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and the rest of the victorious Magic team weren’t able to even console the greatest basketball player in the game today.

Why? Because he was so humiliated, he couldn’t bare the though of congratulating his opponent after enduring what was probably a long and overwhelming game for him. Even still, LeBron doesn’t appear as “pathetic.” He pulled himself together and answered the questions the media had for him (afterwards). He looked them in the eye. Sure he seemed gloomy; probably even came out of a deep sleep too. Because what LeBron was doing is dreaming. And it wasn’t just LeBron — it was the rest of the basketball world, including me. Deep down inside all of us, we knew (although maybe we were oblivious to it) that there was no possible way that the Cavs could win a championship with the talent outside of LeBron they had put together.

And because LeBron wanted to seem optimistic, and because LeBron wanted to be positive and upbeat for his own benefit, he looked past the names on the paper and believed. Believed so much that it took him (and the rest of us) out of the actual world and into some fantasy land that did nothing to prepare us for what would take place in reality.

And why wouldn’t he? After being awarded MVP, having the honor of being mentored by Coach Of the Year, exceeding expectations by accomplishing first place, and sweeping both the Pistons and Hawks in the first two rounds, I think any of us would have been riding high, not just LBJ. After all this happened, viewers and critics still labeled him immature. A sore-loser. Selfish.

Immature? Sore-loser? Selfish? None of those adjectives come to mind when remembering the final ticks of the clock. None of those adjectives come to mind when I imagine him taking his final steps to the locker room. None of those adjectives come to mind when I imagine him slamming his car door while fellow Cavs players and giddy Magic players are going through their postgame interviews.

Don’t forget, King James is merely 24 years old. Most people often don’t remember or just simply do not recognize that he is still in very young. And despite the fact that he is still developing mentally and physically, he is still considered the best this great Association has to offer. Young, yes. Budding, of course. Immature? No.

And let’s take a good look at LeBron and assume that his childhood and teenage years during which he played basketball went well. He was seemingly a winner in his early years as a kid, and records show that he was nothing short of excellent in his high school years — from both an individual and team standpoint. With that being said, he had obviously never experienced being on a losing team, and had probably never really had to deal with devastating losses like game 6 in Orlando. Inexperienced, yes. Sore-loser? Certainly not.

There’s always next year Lebron.


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  • Jason Marcus

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  • Kiss the ring bitch!

    How many years does LeBron have left on his contract? He’ll be ghost whenever his contract is up. I know he’s getting sick and tired of not getting the big fish.

  • MoneyMan

    Lebron averaged 38points 8 rebs 8asts whoever wrote this article get a life and get off his left ___ making his right one jealous lol. When you put that much in a series after losing you wouldnt wanna be bothered either. Guess you never played organized sports yet maybe even college basketball?? Yeah

  • little sister

    well written article…definitely not immature.

  • little sister

    money man…?

    whoever wrote the article get a life and get off his left nut…

    now from the stats you just quoted and the obvious agreement you gave to the article…what the hell are you doing…making sure the right nut wasn’t jelly…silly

  • little sister


    it would’ve been selfish of Kobe because he isn’t 24 and have a nice handful of rings…Lebron has none…he deserves to be disappointed to tears after holding down his position. Silly

  • luvchild

    He made some comment like ‘if somebody beats me up I’m not going to go over and congratulate him.’
    He’s a poor sport. If I recall he did something like this before. SMH.

    And he likes being called a role model. Little kids are looking at this, WTF was he thinking. Childish, just childish.

  • luvchild

    LOL @Ro that was hilarious!

  • Monti

    He’s upset because the Cavs organization wasted his time & didn’t invest in getting talent to support him.
    I guess Usher was too busy putting money into Maneka’s body sculpt.

  • little sister

    Monti…on point!!!

  • Anybody Can Get It

    @ little sister.
    i’m not buying that because most of the things that people on this site BANG on Kobe for are for things that happened when he was around 24. so i’m just keeping it ONE HUNDRED. you act like Batch. I call you batch

  • ro

    @ little sister

    I dont’ have to stand on the playoff court to know my job pays me millions, but if i lose i have to show sportsmanship and manners and congratulate the winner. Do you really think Carmello and the nuggets WANTED to shake the lakers hands? i’m sure they didn’t. BUT that’s what you do. it is what it is.

  • ro

    Uh, Little sister
    I dont’ have to stand on the playoff court to know my job pays me millions, but if i lose i have to show sportsmanship and manners and congratulate the winner. Do you really think Carmello and the nuggets WANTED to shake the lakers hands? i’m sure they didn’t. BUT that’s what you do. it is what it is.

  • anybody can get it

    you people are clowns. it doesn’t matter what you want to do. thats what you DO. PERIOD. thats like if somebody at an awards show just walks out after someone else wins. it’s very very wack to look like batch after losing. be gracious in winning. be gracious in defeat

  • Ro

    @ Luv Child.
    Thank you. someone who understands the world is not just based on what you “WANT” to do. nobody WANTS to congratulate the winner because that means you lost. LOL sorry Nut riders Labron may not have the heart of a champion. at least no right now


    100 million dollars +++++++ at 18 now he’s 24 cry me a river he acted like he was just sent to jail
    if shaq did that who would be backing him

  • Monti

    @ Anybody
    No one ever said LeBron was perfect. I’m sure that if he could go back in time, he would do it differently. But at that moment, he was overcome with emotion & it came out in a negative way. He’s human. Just like Kobe, just like anyone else. Yeah, I bang on Kobe. I don’t care for him, but I still have compassion for him.

  • Anybody can get it

    @ little sister
    actuallyyou have No facts or EVIDENCE. it sounds more like a fan jocking. you have NO EVIDENCE. LOL

    well heres some FACTS for you:\
    In the playoffs, you’re not off duty when the game ends.
    in the playoffs YOU HAVE TO GIVE INTERVIEWS or you’re fined. if he was OFF-duty as you say how could people get fined? so maybe you dont’ have the evidence or facts you think you ahve

  • Ro

    @ Little sister
    You are silly. (childishly silly but funny)
    no need for personal attacks on me or my vocabulary which i’m sure is infinitely more vast than yours.

    you have no idea what jobs i’ve done as i have no idea about you, so no need for the ignorance BUT with that said…if players likle Jordan, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, D.wade, all have walked 20 feet for a 3 second hand shake and they have all WON TITLES, then the Guy whose NEVER won one should do the same

  • little sister

    Anybody Can Get It

    If Lebron doesn’t do his interview he’s fired…NOT. Suspended maybe or fined perhaps but his job is definitely on the court that will determine termination unless his personal life interrupted.

    Son, and I say this with compassion…you’re arguing with someone not interested in your debate or opinion so I’m gonna be nice and send this little kite your way but you’re not on my level.

  • Anybody can get it

    @ Monti
    i never said he was perfect and he’s still dope, but that was not a good look for a champion. All champions have lost and real Champions lose with digity. Labron may be one day, but that display showed me he’s nowhere near ready

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