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Here is Rihanna at the Instyle magazine’s salute to fashion event in Hollyweird last night.

Fill In The Blank: Rihanna has been looking quite ________________________ these days.

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  • blu majic


  • RIP Prop Joe

    pre-crack Whitneyish these days

  • PootyPoo

    I almost didn’t recognize Rihanna. Cute hair-do! She looks awesome!

  • Ms. Texas

    Am I 3rd?

  • Ms. Texas

    Close Enough

  • Happy 2 B Nappy


  • Southern Belle 225

    Fill In The Blank: Rihanna has been looking quite ________________________ these days.

    stunning! i can’t lie. i used to talk about her non singing ass but this girl is so pretty and stylish. I can’t hate on that! you go girl! I’m not sure about his particular outfit though but she looks good in it so who cares!

  • MrCreative


  • ABW (Angry Black Woman)

    Beautiful as always, LOVE the hair. Doing it big for all of us Caribbean Women!

  • Sydney

    Stylish and alittle old on that pic

  • Vinandi

    Young,beuatiful, fresh and natural !

    Go Ri-Ri!

  • Lady Architect

    She looks great

  • Dixon_Girl

    Even tho she has 0% TALENT…she has been quite fly latley. Kudo’s to her stylist…….BUT SHE STILL SUCKS in the singing Dept.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    ….Grown Up, these days. She looks beautiful.

    Dang she looks tall in this pic. Is she tall? or is that just the pic?

  • Fresh Perspective

    She still can’t sing, but she’s stylish as hell. So refreshing given the fact that the industry is full of lion mane weaves and the same old “safe” fashion choices (although Beyonce rocks the House of Dookie, which is definitely not safe). I’m not really feeling the red lipstick, and she’s not quite built for that outfit, but she’s lookin great nonetheless. I think she’ll only get better as she comes into her own. Maybe her voice will improve too. She needs to give her stylist a raise.


    GOOD GAWD that bytch is BAD!

  • Latrice


  • max money

    very tastee!

  • elle

    This girl has good fashion sense.

    I’m not really a fan of her music although my niece loves her but she can work a fashion.

    And sisters with her height can ALWAYS work a heel & shorts.

  • Mz. Asia

    Rihanna is that deal…anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete hater….her makeup is alil too much in this pic but the gurl if fire u have to give it to her… no homo

  • Lola

    WOW what a transformation from yesterday I’m feeling the whole get up! She is definitely not afraid of taking risks and it seems she can pull off almost any look. Not too many women are secure enough with themselves to just chop their hair off or go without their weaves so I gotta give her credit cause she looks flawless in the 1st pic. I love the way she keeps changing it up and giving us something to talk about! Her only downfall is that she looks a lot older than 19.

  • bree

    she favors EVE in that pic! damn i was like is that Rihanna?

  • bree

    also that ring is the business!

  • Gina P.

    At first glance I thought that was SuperHead

  • Kimy

    I am not a fan but she has switched up her style, maybe Ciara and the rest need to pick up some tips!

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