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    she looks so cute. like she’s trying to just enjoy life and get away from hollyweird life .. i dont blame her it looks like everybody entering rehab, got some kind of addiction or just going crazy. GORGEOUS. LIKE A LIL BLACK BARBIE. DO YOU KELLY!

  • Angie

    Kelly has wonderful skin.

  • bree

    ugh dah!!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She still looks great.

  • Richard

    I hope it’s saline……they are easier to play with.

  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)

    Mai waifu is gorgeous. Mwwwaaaah!

  • Kevvy Kev!!!!!!!

    She looks Good either way!

    All the Best Babe!!! 😉

  • cns

    I hate the fact that Kelly is so insecure. She has that natural beauty were you don’t think your waking up to a monster each day.

  • Bohwe

    Kelly is a beautiful girl.

    Jessica Alba made some stupid comments about everyone is getting plastic surgery to look latina, with the full lips and the butt, why is it that everything black people say, latinos always come from the back and say the same thing? We can’t ownership over anything anymore. Black women are internationally known, historically known for having big butts, full lips, curly hair. And it is a known fact that latinas in florida, for 13 years now have been getting the butt implants. And the only reason why people got excited over JLo’s butt was because she made it acceptable because of her white skin. This is so irritating, everyone always try to take things from black people and act like they created it or they had it first.

  • Strong Black Man

    her body is banging

  • Bohwe

    Didn’t mean to sound racist, if I did, but this mess is irritating. Black women have been laughed at, gawked at, humilated for years because of our physical features, and the minute it becomes successful, because of a person with white skin, suddenly it becomes fashionable to take credit over something that you never possessed.

    Nothing against Alba, but she has no idea what she’s talking about, unless she’s talking about Afro-latinas, than fine. But it’s a known fact that these women are discriminated against.

  • Zayah

    Womp Womp@Bowhe..

  • Bohwe

    Sorry, if you know how to , erase my post, or tell me how to.

  • me

    kelly is such a banger. i am a woman and she is absolutely beautiful to me, small boobs or bigger ones. if having bigger boobs make her feel better about herself, then good for her. it’s her life and she looks great eitherway.

  • fall

    kelly is such a banger. i am a woman and she is absolutely beautiful to me, small boobs or bigger ones. if having bigger boobs make her feel better about herself, then good for her. it’s her life and she looks great either way.

  • *W*
  • Southern Belle 225

    she looks good for a thin girl. Her skin is beautiful.

  • Candy

    Whatever floats her boat, Kelly is still beautiful!!!!

  • NotoriousOne

    Kelly is straight GORGEOUS!! She’s doing her and that’s what’s important. She’s made her dough and she’s enjoying it. Much respect to her!

  • Grace

    BOHWE….U were right on point. No need to erase your post. When JLo 1st came up I thought the same thing. Black women had been running around Hollywood for years with ass and it’s never been fashionable. America think black features are only beautiful on NON-black women! Lauryn Hill & Jill Jones aka Toni Childs, have the most beautiful lips. When Lauryn was at the top of her game, did she have an endorsement for any lipstick company? Victoria Secret recently gave Jessica Biel the title of best lips. That is a slap in the face to us.

    As far as Ms. Kelly, I don’t know why any woman would want a fake rack. The sad thing is they do it for the attention of men. They don’t do it for themselves or to impress other women. In a few years she will be complaining about all the dogs she has ran across. I sleep with a pair of DD’s everynight & it’s not comfortable.

  • kamee'

    Her rack looks good. Doesn’t look fake, even though it is. She’s beautiful! A real woman can give props to another beautiful woman, and she gets mine!

    ***wonder who did her surgery***

  • Southern Belle 225

    @zee..i co-sign. they always talk about her “famous” curves. I’m like, what curves? She might weigh 85lbs wet!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    I like hers better all cute and small.

  • what?

    I LOve Kelly. She has a great shape and her skin is flawless.

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    OMG Kelly is frickin gorgeous!

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