Why Do They Always Wife Broke-Looking Trailer Park’s?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

You know we had to give you some Pre-Grammy swirl.

Here is Soul Train’s suspect Don Cornelius at The Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party last night. Where do you think he found this broke-looking woman????

Bill Maher was spotted showing off his new Black woman. That’s a brave woman messin’ with someone after Superhead. SMH.

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  • ArmyWife

    Nothing new about interracial marriages…*yawn*

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    Ewww, that’s his wife. Even with all his money she still looks like trailer park trash. He needs to take her to the tanning booth. ASAP.

  • Mami

    Loving me some swirl..we are beatiful, yes we are. Love who you love and be with who you want to be with and stop worrying about other people’s relationship’s.

  • KillaBeeSwarm (powered by Linux)


  • Capt. Krunch

    I think that’s his beard, unless they found a cure for homosexuality.

  • Lisa

    Well interracial love is cool, but it’s just the celebrity black men of love choices, all just happen to be light bright with long hair, from reggie bush, to face, kobe, jamie fox, to don-love-yea. u just don’t see the tom cruises, david beckmans going out with darket women. it is what it is, let’s move on.

  • Nita

    that white woman has her arm drapped around don like *he’s* the gigolo, and she owns him. she wears the pants.

    any black woman on bill maher’s arm is automatically designated a prostitute (to me). black women can be trash, too. bill maher is not bobby de niro. he doesn’t wife anyone. he just hooks up with the trashiest floozies willing to spread their legs for him. if there’s any black woman he’s hooked up with who is not trash…….. that’d be interesting to know.

    does she exist?

  • Shootingstar

    Bill Maher looks gross. He always manages to look translucent and greasy at the same time.

    Plus he looks like his breath would stink.

  • Sparty

    This is the best Bill Maher has done with a sista in forever. He just seems like he’s a nasty ass in the bedroom. In the words of Deion Sanders: It must be the money!!!! Yuk.

  • SDMH

    As usual – the white man looked for the baddest lookin sista whereas the black man went for the trashiest skankiest looking white woman he could find…

    LOL @ these black men up in here dogging him for it..

    Black men need to step up their interracial game quick…

  • SDMH

    “he just hooks up with the trashiest floozies willing to spread their legs for him. if there’s any black woman he’s hooked up with who is not trash”

    Actually, angry black man, Karrine STeffans is the ONLY trashy black woman Bill Maher has hooked up with – and he dumped her very quickly.. Stop hating cause sistas are playing your interracial game with you..

  • andrea

    would it kill him to put his arms around her too? what’s with that? and no she doesn’t look trailer-ish.

    how did bill land that girl???

  • Chelle

    On the real, Don Cornelius is gay. No hating on the interracial tip, but at least he’s not embarrassing a sister.

  • Liz

    It’s no longer shocking to see a black man with a white woman, in fact its expected as this point, so I’m over it. What I’m shocked at is the fact that this old ass woman is rocking that played out Herve Leger bandage dress! There is an age limit to wear that dress honey and exceeded it by about 20 yrs.

  • DarkCable

    I don’t know what ya’ll talking about….that Red Headed MILF can get some!

  • Real men can cry!

    She is actually a good looking woman.

  • bree

    wow there is nothing broke-looking trailer park about this woman..y’all buggin..if anything you should be talkin bout bill maher and his obvious gold digger

  • Jessica-Keeping it real

    I am sorry but I always thought that he was gay. It didn’t come from my imagination either- Some one from his generation told me that, so I am just glad to see him with a woman. I agree with Bree – she does not look like trailer park trash, ya’ll are buggin. I mean if ya’ll were to be like James Browns woman then that’s a different subject.

  • Lili

    Damn he loves Black women. lol

    Forreal tho, Don’s chick is attractive. That is one White woman that has aged WELL. Can’t even hate.

    And she doesn’t look like White trash. Probably is a gold digger, but she doesn’t look like trash.

  • meleemel

    I like ole Bill Maher!


    reply to sdmh: bill maher doesn’t love blk women. he lust after them. if he love blk women so much, he would have married one by now.

  • One Love

    #1: there’s nothing wrong with the way that woman looks.

    #2: when more people become interested in content rather than (just) in the packaging, the divorce rate might begin to decrease. significantly.

  • Hey

    Don’s date looks very good, matter fact he looks quite raggedy I might add.

    Bill Maher’s date is gorgeous also.

  • Black, yet very well educated

    Shame on you shallow ones who judge Bill Maher on his looks. Have you ever heard of intellectual conversations? He brings up black ghetto girls with his company like an educational charity.

  • Morpheus

    Go ahead Don! Peace , Love and Snoooooooooowwwww!

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