Their Son Is Going Grow Up to Be Like Obama

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

They clean up well. Here is Tasia and Young Dro last night in Beverly Hills. We like this couple but we are sympathetic to the prospects for their kids future.

A slew of other couples hit up the Pre-Grammy last night.

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  • ArmyWife

    I ain’t saying a word…

  • gabby


  • gabby

    Janet and Dupri are cute, although I never realized how ” petite” he was?!

  • Marcia

    Nicole Murphy looks beautiful! I really like her dress. Young Dro looks really good here. Fantasia’s dress is pretty, but the hair is a hot mess.

  • aussie

    ummmm Janet should never, EVER, wear heels..!!

  • x

    JD!!!! why……oh why?

  • Black Beauty

    I don’t see anything wrong with Fantasia and Dro. They look good together. Just because they’re not considered “hollywood” beauty doesn’t mean. They seem geniune…much more than I can say for some other couples.

    Nicole and Michael(Giants baby!) look good too. Nicole has a great shape to have had 5 kids.

    Jermaine and Janet both look a mess.

    Babyface and his girlfriend don’t look connected.

  • So What U Sayin'?

    I just LOVE “Black Love”….ummmm, wait I didn’t see Babyface. Well 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.

  • kdogg

    This outfit actually looks good on her, but that hairstyle is still hideous.

  • Cinciti

    Does Baby Face’s girl and Eddie Murphy’s ex have on the same dress?


    Fantasia and Dro look much better after they have cleaned up. Still not feeling the hair color but better.

    Jermaine looks a royal mess and Janet should be ashamed.

    Babyface look like he’s with Tracey part 2.

  • Dat Chick

    I dont get it, what is that comment about obama suppose to mean?

  • Shootingstar

    Good. Our community needs more brothas like Obama.

    I think they make a fantastic looking couple. I didn’t know about the hair, but I think it looks good.

    I forgive Tasia from calling off on the nite when I went to see the Color Purple.

  • Ms. 305

    I love Tasia and Dro together, they just make so much sense and they look good togethe like they are in love and not together for business purposes. Mr. Face should have just stayed with Tracy because he new gf looks like her twin sister.

  • That's Slim To You!

    I will say that at least she’s trying to be original…….

  • That's Slim To You!

    And her dress looks LOVELY! They look like a cute couple.

    Not a fan of the blonde……

    CHeck out the party’s cutest couples and vote for the best on my blog!

  • Ms.Hollywood

    young dro you don’t have the looks

    but playa you sharp!

    love the suit and the shoes

  • Ms.Hollywood

    babyface wtf is going on you definitely like the same women.

  • davis

    Where did Nicole get all that donkey booty. And fantasia looks great. Janet keep wearing your heels.

  • VicKaLiCiouS

    Fannie’s hair is growing on me….it looks better freshly done. I’m sure “somebody” is gonna try and rock it next.

    Nicole Murphy gotta a big ole booty. I don’t know why Strahan is there, but its kinda funny that Babyface was there. I’m sure they got a good laugh at there ex’s recent breakup.

  • Lili


    DARE I SAY, HOUSE SHOES???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LMAO Talk about ghetto love.

    I’m sorry…Janet and JD…she is gorgeous…must be love.

  • KnowYourABCs

    I don’t care what anyone says they’re looking good right here.

  • meleemel

    I bet Babyface is wishing he had hooked up with Nicole Murphy because his girlfriend is not hot!!!

  • Tommy

    I bet Babyface and Eddie Murphy’s ex wife had a lot to talk about that night.

  • ocee

    Jermaine is a tore up little man. Ugly dude….What is going on with janet? She is such a pretty girl…Love is blind?? Fantasia looks very old. She needs a new look while Young dro looks decent. Nicole looks great after 5 kids and putting up with eddie.

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