Now Back To That Blind Item

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Paula Patton and Jeanette Jenkins. Paula Patton, her husband Robin Thicke and Paula’s BFF Shawn Barton in Miami “together”.

Is Paula Patton (Idlewild, Deja Vu) into chicks? As time goes on, she is fitting in quite nicely into a Blind Item that dropped last year. Maybe her and her BFF Shawn Barton and King Latifah’s girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins are just “friends”, the tip we got a while back was some wacky internet nut, and her husband Robin Thicke just writes songs about threesomes that have no meaning. One of our readers pointed out that Robin Thicke has a song entitled “Threesome” that didn’t make the final album cut. Smart guy, Paula can keep her steez under wraps for now.

Those Blind Items are never true.

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