Fu*k Hillary Clinton

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Barack Obama made it rain on them hoes last night by beating up on the shady Clinton’s in Louisiana, Washington State, and Nebraska. For those Clinton supporting negroes who keep saying they are not supporting Obama “just because he is Black”, you better believe millions of Americans will not be voting for our brotha “because he is Black”.

Despite what the race-baiting Clinton’s want people to believe, Obama is much more than just a “Black candidate”. If you need proof, click here.

It’s not too late to say, YES WE CAN!!!!

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  • So What U Sayin'?


  • Just_Wanna_Know

    I bet whomever writes these stories about Hillary/Obama aren’t even planning on voting for Obama. You just want to hype us up. Give me a break!

  • So What U Sayin'?

    And to all the Barack haters out there… you can hate if ya want to but you’re wasting your time!!

    For every black person that does not vote for Obama because he is black, there is a white man that’s voting for him because he is the better candidate. My subdivision is predominately white and they all support Obama!

  • John


  • kdogg

    YES, WE CAN!!!!

  • bindex

    All you people out there castigating Obama should know that this movment to change America is REAL, Black people are not voting for Obama because he is black they are voting for him because they believe he is the only one that can bring people together to get things done in washington, he has the good judgement and the experience to bring people together to form a working majority to move an agenda forward. obama won in nebraska, and wasington state which are all over 85 percent white, he sure know how to bring about change by standing up to the special interest that always stand in the way of change for the ordinary people.Visit his website http://www.barackobama.com to learn about his stand on issues and how he plans to solve them.

  • Hmmmm


  • Kween

    Some of the attitudes that we as black people have toward Obama is unwarranted. Here we have a potential presidential candidate that is showing strength to provide change for our nation and to elevate America once again as a superpower in the world, and all we can think of is that he is black and we are not ready for that. What we’re really saying is that we as black people cannot excel and we will continue to offer excuses for our current situation instead of registering to vote and instead point a weary finger at the television screen holding back the progession of a potentially great leader. Its pathetic.

  • kj

    Hooray for Obama!!! Yes America is tired of the same old politics. AND sick and tired of seeing Bill Clinton at this point. Don’t like her health care plan to ganish money from poor people.

    May I add. OBAMA IS FINE AZ HE$$ and the strongest democatic president running for the country.

    May God Bless his campaign.. Just love him!!

  • Shootingstar


  • Shootingstar

    ..and F*CK Bill Clinton, too!


    Wow, I hope a democrat wins the presidency period! I still support Hillary but as long as its a democrat, I’m good!

  • http://blackwiz.biz tiray

    This is truly a great day…BUT! The tale-tell state is Tx.( many delagates)

    He’s 2 ahead of Billary,but that’s not enough. Let’s not get too happy yet. Do what you can. Post signs on your streetcorner. Wear obama shirts. Offer to work on the phones….THIS IS WHAT WE CAN DO TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.Blogs like this can also bring about awareness,and keep apathy from taking over! I don’t really care WHY you vote for obama anymore,as long as you do!




  • nahnah

    Damn, Obama turned you all into parrots and ish. YES WE CAN!!! I gotta give a brother props because his psychology game is on point. He’s got y’all hypnotized like a mug.

    Anyway, the illusion of choice rears its big ugly head.

  • TS

    Obama beating that old trick 2 to 1 in these white states! He won the white vote in California. This negro is killing her in every demographic. The only groups she consistently wins are white women over 50 and the elderly. Every other category heavily favors Obama.

    And like someone else said, for every dumb negro not supporting this brotha, there’s an educated hopeful white person sending him money and driving white folks to the polls to vote for this black man.

    The only black people still feeling the Clintons are them dumb ass negros still waiting for a handout. Under the Clintons, more black men were sent to jail than under Ronald Regan. Obama wants to give every american student 4000 bucks every year for college in return for national service. You know how many low income people will be ablel to go to college because of that?! This man wants to make healthcare affordable for every american. Hillary wants to force you to buy her expensive plan. And if you can’t afford it, she is going to garnish your wages. Any black person who votes for someone who has said on national tv that they will garnish your damn wages for some healthcare you can’t even afford, then they are stupid.

  • La Raza

    Obama does not care about Hispanics. http://www.obamatruth.org

  • Ara


  • Ara

    @ La Raza Obama cares about everyone, that is what makes him so great!! Vote Barack Obamba for change!! Yes we can!!

  • nahnah


    I think I’ve withheld my support for Obama because I’m a smart Negro.

  • Fierce Chili

    @ La Raza I have seen and heard Hispanics don’t care about blacks.

    Please let me know what La Rza really thinks about Blacks…because I am well aware of the Brown?Black war beyond the ElPaso going West.

  • http://www.ronpaul2008.com Heather -- THE GREAT!

    LOL@ Nahnah

  • Fierce Chili

    @La Raza …and I really feel that Hispanics once they gain power they will be just as bad as yte. For real.

  • Camden

    I agree with La Raza. Obama is sheady as hell. Go to http://www.obamatruth.org

  • Fierce Chili

    @La Raza where u at??? this is your opportunity to shed some information on your movement. Inclusive??? yes or no???

  • Scientific Mathematics

    Obama and Michelle are both shady you guys. They have been lining their pockets since 2004. We have to be very very careful of who we allow in office, because there will be a great deal of work that will need to get done. I don’t know who I’m supporting but it certainly will not be Obama. I wouldn’t dare try to swya anyone’s vote, I’m just saying keep your eyes open and don’t get caught up in the Barack parade.

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