Who Looks More Suspect?: MC Lyte, John Legend, Pirate, or AK?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is MC Lyte, John Legend, The Pirate, and AK at various Pre-Grammy events over the weekend in Cali.

We must ask, WHO LOOKS MORE SUSPECT? Be sure to click on the pic to get a good look.

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  • So What U Sayin'?

    Is anyone really confused about MC Lyte???

  • http://www.thahotseat.com SPARKLE OF THA HOT SEAT

    Definitely Mc Lyte. She’s trying to be more lady like but I’m not buying it.

    John Legend i’ve just given up on.

    I think alicia is okay. She may be happy with her feminine side now. It was a struggle before.

  • MARV


  • Psychology

    MC Lyte looks like she lives in Dyke City….she’s an obvious one.

  • Ire

    MC Lyte hands down…just because you add a couple of ounces of femininity to your appearance don”t mean we still can’t see who you really are – MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, maybe AK.

    John Legend…whatever!

  • lahotsauce

    Not sure…but Alicia is wrong for having those “noticable” white deodorant stains….ruins her entire look.

  • Shootingstar

    MC Lyte, how you doin’?

  • Mona

    Alicia’s makeup is wayyy too heavy it always looks like she’s trying too hard… MC Lyte that’s easy and is old boy hanging out at the makeup counter?

  • Ms. 305

    Please leave John alone. Just because he is not tatted up, can speak proper english and seems to be shy and soft spoken does not mean a thing.

  • Ms.Hollywood

    y’all wrong for this

    but all of them especially mc lyte

  • Ashley

    this site is really going downhill

  • lala


  • KC

    MC Lyte passed the “suspect” stage a loooooong time ago. So I’ll say Alicia…she just looks uncomfortable in her ‘fem’ skin.

  • BlackGirlLost

    I’ma have to say Alicia…I’m sorry, I love her as an artist, but I don’t care how many dresses and heels she wears or how “feminine” she’s been looking as of late, she still seems suspect to me…

  • ShavonDensie

    Me!!! Cuz I’ll do all three. LOL!!

  • Harlem Chic

    Alicia got serious wonk eye.

  • MzJessicaJonesLET LIL WAYNE BE

    Please tell me wat “Who looks more suspect?” means!

  • ReBeL

    ^ Are you serious? LMAO basically Which one of them likes to taste the genitals that they have too.

  • Tommy

    When Alicia smiles she has this hard look like she’s trying to hit on another woman.

    John Legend makes me think he and Derek Jeter may be a couple. Legend also was pictured with Jeter recently since he performed at Jeter’s charity function. They looked mad suspect and you know how Jeter likes to get affectionate with the males he’s around.

    MCLyte there is no question.

  • RumRaisin

    I mean, all 3 of them are gay. In this group I’d say John Legend is the least suspect lol and that’s really saying something.

  • Cage

    For someone who’s been around for so long, if Lyte ain’t out the closet now, maybe she DOES take a good piping here and there… And i can’t speak on the other two cause I know how this site likes to find “suspect” pictures just for us. They all gonna keep gettin that money though, nothin suspect about that…

  • Nikki

    Why the hell does Alicia Keys have that damn look on her face??? It looks like she just had a stroke.

  • One Love



  • Harlem Chic

    Nikki…your’e funny…

    Alicia pretty…but she got a serious case of wonk eye.

  • YallFunnny

    John Legend lookin like he was tryin to run away from that counter cuz he seen the paparazzi.. Lyte..ahh duhhhhhhhhhhhhh..and I LOVE LYTE for doin her! and Alicia look like “dang yall ain’t even gimme a chance to smile right”… you know how it is when they start flickin them bulbs..you gotta have a perfect face or it’ll look like this..

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