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Beyonce debuted a new haircut at the Grammys tonight. We like the more natural-looking length, but we’re disappointed that she’s hittin the [peroxide] bottle again. Is it just us, or were Bey’s thighs looking super thick in that Tina Turner performance?

View pics of the Tina Turner duet right about now…

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  • Slap-A-Ho


  • Tam

    I love me some Beyonce (reppin for Houston), but I am not feeling this dress. I do like the hair.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Oh sweet baby Jesus…what in the black poofy hell is Solange wearing?!?!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Go Kanye, oh Lawd is he gonna cry.

  • Slap-A-Ho

    WOW! I never thought this day would come…Id like to thank my mama and God above…it wouldnt be possible if I wasnt so damn bored! LOL!

    On another note…WTH kindda gotdam outfit Solange have on? Lord…that po’ chile


    She looks like the ice princess, dont like the dress too vanna white wheel of fortune for me.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I love him!! He checked them!!

  • memee

    i thought bey looked great, thick thighs and all!!!!

  • Slap-A-Ho

    Kanye’s girlfriend is so cute to me! She look so normal

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    WTH, playing music while he trying to shout out his dead mama…Oh hell no

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    OMG, Aretha, get help NOW!! She is way too big!!

  • Slap-A-Ho

    LOL! You see how he treated them real quick they turned it off “it would be real tasteful if you turn the music off” TELL EM KANYE!!! CHICAGOoooooooOOOOoooo baby!

  • leah

    Yes her thighs did, especially at the end. She looked so disheveled, but it was still a good performance. I wish she will let go of the confetti outfits.

  • Slap-A-Ho

    Beyonce’s waist looks alot smaller! Cant wait till I start my kick boxing…Why does Aretha always wear those spag straps??? IDGI

    Luda know he fine.

  • Spicy

    Needless to say this is why we have little girls on Beyonce’s thighs didn’t look thick she is on TV so that adds pounds, in person her thighs look just fine. Her hair is horrible..not a good look for her but she still looks pretty.

  • Whatever

    Im watching the gospel performance… I live in japan I guess our tv is delayed

  • Keif K

    Beyonce looked good & thick & Tina still got it

  • Whatever

    I hope I didnt miss beyonce, does anybody know if these black gospel singers came on before or after beyonce, please answer. I live in japan and our TV is delayed, did I miss it, if i did im turning off the tube

  • hey girl

    i love beyonce she looked absolutley beautiful but i think maybe i expected alittle more from the performance with tima but someone did remind me that tina is almost 70 and she still looks good!

  • hey girl

    sorry you missed it check you tube though

  • tj

    Why didn’t they let Solange wear one of the pretty dresses too?

    I can’t stand Beyonce but that dress is hittin and she is fiercing it out

  • Nation

    It’s OFFICIAL: Beyonce is no longer the hottest chick in the game. RIHANNA has officially taken over. HA

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    What’s a gospel performance without our lil minimature hyperactive Kirk Franklin or my favorite glamazon, Yolanda Adams?

  • Whatever

    @ hollywood

    yes I am black, I am a military wife ha ha!!! I love it over here, its expensive but its worth it. did I miss beyonce performance?

  • ReBeL

    Barbie from hell

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