Coupled Up

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Here are happy new parents Usher and wife Tameka Foster getting all kissie-faced at the Grammy’s. Looks like she’s casting a spell on poor little Usher. SMH.

Tameka’s stepping her game up though, not looking as mannish in these shots. Motherhood must be treating her well.

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  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Yeah, they’re on the front row too…

  • Whatever

    aww, they look cute. Tameka is looking very feminine and beautiful! I hope no one hates on her!

  • hey girl

    she almost looks pretty, maybe its the whole square chin thing I wonder what the baby looks like

  • Keif K

  • Whatever

    Tameka got that smooth kelly rowland skin, shes lucky I hate her now

  • http://yahoo missy

    looking good, cute couple

  • tj

    Tameka is a nut case. Why USHER!? Chilli was just fine. And Tameka is ugly. I think Usher has a mommy complex but whatever I heard Diddy broke him in anyway.

  • hey girl

    he looks mesmerized even with those michael jackson aviator glasses on

  • Capt. Krunch

    Damn with all that money and fame i would’ve at least married someone younger, cuter and with light skin and long real hair.

  • Kbee

    have mercy on that baby nose………. 😡

  • leah

    I am happy for them both, But I am mad at usher for wearing sunglasses indoors.

  • Spicy

    Such an ignorant comment to say that you would get a light skin girl with long hair..would that make a better wife? You sound so foolish and uneducated. She’s not barbie doll pretty but she’s not ugly either; she just looks like a regular black woman. Did anyone stop to think that he might just really love her for who she is and not just for the way she looks. Did anyone stop to think a marriage based on something real is going to last a lot longer than a marriage based on the way someone looks?

  • Strong Black Female

    At least Tameka is keeping her legs crossed for once. She’s nothing more than an old industry rat and an opportunistic ho.

  • roberto

    Damn…A.Keys just blew it out!!! great performance

  • Janelle

    Grammys are always so boring why? No seriously Tamika looks pretty but I just don’t think older woman younger guy works very well long term

  • Capt. Krunch


    I’m highly educated, thank you very much. And i stand by my earlier statement. What’s the use of having all that money and fame and not enjoy the perks and comfort of giving in to your more base superfiscial urges and whims. My God! Don’t you realize every morning when he wakes up, he has to look at that sup-par looking creature and ask himself “I DRANKED WHAT?”

  • Grace

    Usher got dem roots put on him. Usher could have had any woman in the world but he chose to take another man’s family. I believe in Karma! There is no way that this will be a fairy tale ending.

  • Spicy

    But do you stop to think about all the fringe benefits that come with being a superstar performer or athlete or whatever and you get that black barbie looking woman to marry you solely because she is beautiful on the outside. but then being with her you start to realize her true character and the looks only last for so long until you realize that pretty as she is you just can’t stay with her because she does nothing to stimulate you as a person. So then you get divorced because when you really wake up and realize something it’s, My God this woman and I have nothing in common, she does nothing for me and that’s when you ask yourself “I DRANKED WHAT?”

  • lili

    Well said, Spicy! You are being so right on this one!! Capt. Krunch, please take a lesson in here.

  • Babydoll

    I can’t hate on her. Every woman wanted him and she had that platinum p to get him. So all I can say is get it girl.

  • meleemel

    Tameka still looks like a DUDE!!! Love really is blind.

  • KnowYourABCs

    They look happy.

    When is Usher coming out with a new CD?

    I heard singles on Youtube, that people are claiming is from his new album.

    None of them are worth a 3-4 year hiatus.

  • Mink

    @ Capt. Krunch

    You suffer from self hatred. Why is it that closer to white still epitomizes beauty to blacks. Dark and lovely is equally as beautiful as light and bright. Good for Usher that he is beyond the slave mentality tht shackles many black people. BTW- you cant convince me that you are well educated with your ignorant jim crow comments. get a clue loser

  • Mink

    One more thing…

    Well said Spicy

    @Capt. Krunch

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comes in different shapes, sizes, shades, etc. elevate your mind

  • andrea

    i will never understand why so many people dislike her. what did she do???? lol

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