Question of The Day: Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Really Half-Black?

- By Bossip Staff

Michael, come on man, we know how biology works.

Man, them kids don’t look half black, y’all! Damn, maybe they just stay out of the sun a bunch, eh? What do you think??

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    Man, it’s unsettling that Michael Jackson wanted some kids so he just went out and bought some. And WHITE kids at that. It’s very telling.

  • just bacuz

    those are that white nurse kids that SHE sold to micheal jackson for money.
    of course those ain’t HIS DAMN KIDS!

  • Nikita

    Heellllllllll Naawwwwww!!!! The Jacksons aint THAT light!!!! Puhleeeeze

  • diva454


  • harpie

    Is he even trying to pass them off as black, or half black? I don’t think he has been lying about their ethnicity. He just calls them his children, bought and paid for. Madonna and Angelina buy black kids, so go for it Mike.

  • miglé

    well if mariah is half black so can these kids be!
    believe it or not but some interracial(white/black) kids can look 100% white.

  • l thomas

    They have no african-american features at all. People forget before Michael messed himself up, he had a darker complextiion.

  • Salara4

    For people who have vitilago, they’re are two bleaches to treat it. One bleach leaves you kind of ashy looking but you can still go into the sun. The other bleach, Leaves your skin looking completely white- however smooth- like Mike’s- however it’s a lot more powerful for the effect which is why you can not go into the sun. I believe he just hated being brown skinned and someone suggested to him to use that bleach- obviously, it’s noticeable so they used the vitilago excuse to cover up his desires. Which makes sense, he used the drug for vitalgo for his wants, so why not say he has it? I wouldn’t want to go from one end of the spectrum to the other end that drammatically, unless it is weightloss. lol

  • miglé

    @the cryptic 1

    i agree

  • AquaOne

    Please! look at Jermaines kids…3T, they look like him. they look like Micheal! Even when mariah carey was younger , you can tell she’s mixed. That boy ain’t even got a curl pattern! C’mon!!!

  • Chocolate Wisdon

    Chocolate Wisdom says….

    Halle Berry is mixed…
    Lenny Kravitz is Mixed…
    All Diana Ross’ kids are mixed…

    Them kids is cracka white.

  • Plastic007

    WEll all know wat those Jacksons look like from the 60’s i dont care if that ladie was albino aint no way in the world them, children come out like that MJ hates taht he is black .. look wat he has done to himself to reverse the fact he has made himself white has two white kids and has basically disowned his family .this kat wants nothing to do wit our race … but he has also gone mad performing these act …


    Actually, Chocolate, Rhonda is Berry Gordy’s. She’s Black.

  • luvgossip

    we have kids in our family that look straight-up white and hispanic but they are part black. However, since it’s self-hating Michael Jackson, I gotta go with those kids are all white.


    Mike’s original hair would (kinda’)show up on these kids.Don’t see it.What kind of books are they gonna write !?!

  • Plastic007

    mike always wanted to play wit lil white kids so he copped im some … we know wat that freak known as Mike is a nutt and god if his walls could talk i cant wait for his Bio and i want a real one

  • shellibell

    Puh-LEEZE! Yeah, right. Halle Berry is half-white and her boyfriend is blond and their daughter don’t look THAT white!

  • PoetryisMe


    well if mariah is half black so can these kids be!
    believe it or not but some interracial(white/black) kids can look 100% white.

    Mariah doesn’t look white. She looks like a mixed woman with bleached hair. Have you ever seen some of her pictures before she dyed her hair. Mariah has naturally curly, brunnette hair. She looks very much like a mixed person, but these kids do not. They look white. Every aspect of them looks white to me, but hey,who am I to judge?

  • barb

    who cares?
    leave those children alone.

  • PoetryisMe

    And yes, actually mixed children can take on the white gene, but this is usually if the black parent is mixed as well, or if the black parent has some other ethnicity closer in line, such as a mixed mother or father. Dark skin people (remember, Michael was dark before all this mess) who are 100% black don’t usually have white children. Try as you may, but black is dominant. That’s why they hate us…cuz we the sh*t

  • DontStopGetItGetIt

    100% White, and Michael is mentally ill. He shouldn’t even have custody of these kids.

  • Moreaces

    Come on now,, Are you serious, why even ask such an obvious question,,


    Why is this still an issue. He supports and takes care of them. They are his damn kids.

  • PAM

    “well if mariah is half black so can these kids be!
    believe it or not but some interracial(white/black) kids can look 100% white”

    Oh Please… mariah does look mixed. Also she straighten her hair. Those kids are white. Not that theirs anything wrong with it.

  • miglé

    oh please i live in damn europe and i see girls like mariah daily and they aint mixed!
    close minded AMERICAN!

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