Lil Weezy Puts Kobe On with New Jawn

- By Bossip Staff

Kobe already thinks this NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Magic is all about him but now that Lil’ Wayne’s dropped a Kobe song, his head can only be inflating by the second. Pop the top to peep the new joint

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  • mortiz88

    HA 1st ni99a

  • mortiz88

    kobe kobe kobe…wayne wayne wayne…ZZZZzzzzzz

  • bmore chick

    I dislike Kobe so much

  • Mandy

    He is a good player. He is said to be found by his fans on a celeb dating site named ____Meet Wea lthy com______ . They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • Nigga Said

    Lil Wayne should’ve had Darius McCrary sing on the hook.

  • britneybritney

    There’ no reason a man should be on another man’s nuts so hard.

  • kahmmillion

    Hate Kobe’s ass!

  • luvchild

    OOhhh even Lebron cosigning.
    ‘Basketball beast…This is the Lake show but don’t drown though’
    Did you hear them chanting last night ‘MVP! MVP! MVP!’

    This may not make the billboard list but everybody knows where Wayne is comin from.

  • DaOriginalMsMa

    Rap is not Wayne…Damn…Do Baby know that his BROAD is on anotha ni99a’s nuts?

  • Man I just dont care™

    … this could be the greatest rap song ever. LOL.

    Naw, seriously it ain’t bad for such a “commercial” type rap AND by Lil Wayne.

  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    the only thing WRONG with Kobe is that he looks good….daym.


    both go hard…. ppl hating on a milli dolla baby like he cares hahahaha

  • imjustsayin


  • gillie da kid

    Get the Fu?? outa here!

  • MIKE

    KOBE is wack most hated http://www.sportshate.cmo

  • MIKE
  • tray615301

    whyyyyyy??? Kobe aint touchin lebron! kobe a ballhogg like hell

  • missunderstood

    @PRPPLE, just call me TADOW – EWWW WEEEE you ain’t NEVA lied! lol….
    My prediction 4-1 Lakers. Go Kobe! (still can’t stand the playoffs, but I gotta ride w/ someone might as well be Kobe!)

  • AvaSpeaks

    Kobe is the best player in the league right now. I mean I think he proved that last night.

  • luvchild

    Somebody needs to tap Orlando on the shoulder and tell them they in the Finals! I’m still ridin w/ the Lakers but for real, that game last night was sad, close to pitiful. I mean they’re taking this underdog sh*t to far.

    Oh & Rashard, I saw you boo! With yo fine self.

  • mamamia

    I just lost what little respect I still had for Lil Wayne.

  • Baller

    Kobe can win all the rings he works for, He can’t be stopped But he is still a Low Life.

  • Sharie

    OK whatever lil wayne!

  • Aww Man...

    How is my favorite Rapper make a song for that bum. Weezy you losing cool points man.

  • SayWhatYouWant

    Will we hear this in a finals commercial??.. maybe!!.. Wayne killed that!! Kobe’s in the big show.. Lebron aint.. give the man his props

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