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Let’s discuss the racial undertones of the demonizing black victims, shall we???

The New York Times Blasted For Dylann Storm Roof Article

The New York Times is currently getting rightfully blasted for an article written by Frances Roble and Nikita Stewart on Dylann Storm Roof.

In it, the ladies profile Storm Roof’s life before he heinously killed 9 black people in a Charleston church.

Notice the verbiage in the below excerpt about “young man” Dylann Roof:

“The young man accused of the terrible crime was a bug-eyed boy with a bowl haircut who came from a broken home and attended at least seven schools in nine years. Many afternoons, he would sit silently on the curb in front of his roomy yard and, when he tired of it, move to a different curb. He helped neighbors with their yard work, but they still found him strange.

Dylann Storm Roof, the 21-year-old white man charged with killing nine black parishioners in a storied Charleston, S.C., church last month, attended solidly middle-class, racially integrated schools, grew up with black friends and came from a respected family, his grandfather a well-known local lawyer. But court records suggest that his divorced parents struggled with finances when he was a teenager, with his mother being evicted from her home in 2009 and his father’s once-successful business renovating historic homes falling into debt and closing a few years later.

Now notice how the New York Times previously profiled unarmed shooting victim Mike Brown:

Michael Brown, 18, due to be buried on Monday, was no angel, with public records and interviews with friends and family revealing both problems and promise in his young life. Shortly before his encounter with Officer Wilson, the police say he was caught on a security camera stealing a box of cigars, pushing the clerk of a convenience store into a display case. He lived in a community that had rough patches, and he dabbled in drugs and alcohol. He had taken to rapping in recent months, producing lyrics that were by turns contemplative and vulgar. He got into at least one scuffle with a neighbor.

Dylann Storm Roof is a “young man accused of the terrible crime”, never mind that he’s a CONFESSED killer, and Mike Brown “was no angel.” Mind you this is in the first sentence of both stories. This is important, this establishes that with Mike—the writer is going to tell you some satisfactory things about him but they need you to remember that the “victim” was far from good. Whereas with Dylann, he’s a “young man” and this must be established immediately. But why? You know why.

We’ve seen how people vilify black victims time and time again and have them called “it”(as though they’re subhuman) by murderers like Theodore Wafer ( “it looked young”) and Darren Wilson (“it looks like a demon”).

Is Sandra Bland next???

What do YOU think about the New York Times’ Dylann Roof and Mike Brown pieces???

Do you see how they demonized the black victim?

-danielle canada



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