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Basquiat’s Sisters Want $150K From The Retrospect Group And Want Company To Stop Selling Postcards With Their Late Brother’s Art On Them

The estate of legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat – run by his 2 sisters – are furious over a his art on tacky postcards, and now they have filed a federal lawsuit demanding millions in damages and an injunction against the company selling the items.

Jeanine Heriveaux and Lisane Basquiat – the co-administrators of Basquiat’s estate – filed a federal lawsuit against a company named The Retrospect Group. They say the company sold postcards featuring Jean-Michel’s work at a National Stationary Show in NY back in May.

They contacted the company asking why they believed they had the right to use their brother’s art on their items. Company officials claimed they were the successor of a third party company named Nouvelles Images, but the estate begs to differ.

The lawsuit notes that the estate granted a third party company named Nouvelles Images the rights to 30 of Basquiat’s art to license out, but that deal ended in 2013. The sisters explained this to the company but they refused to stop selling the tacky postcards.

Basquiat’s estate says that company is infringing on their valid copyrights for their late brothers work, and they are suing for the illegal use of the art on postcards.

The sisters said their brother was a famous artist whose work achieved great critical and commercially success. They say they are in the business of publishing, licensing and commercially exploiting the late artists work. Basquiat died of a heroin overdose in 1988.

They say that The Retrospect Group is in the business of producing postcards, posters and prints that feature reproductions of original artwork.

The estate is suing for $150,000 for every unauthorized use of Jean-Michel’s art by the company along with an injunction ordering they cease selling any products with his art on it.



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