Is Webster Getting It In???

- By Bossip Staff

Emmanuel Lewis was spotted a club doing the damn thang’. We don’t know the name of the chick, but forget that, Webster looks like he struck gold!

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  • Emmanuel Lewis

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy!

  • chasitie


  • Bugsy

    lil men need love too

  • jb

    face is all red! look like he been drinkin & enjoyin himself!

  • Fatz

    She look like she got that “good”

  • R. Kelly

    She’s too old for me.

  • Kill-iLL-Lights

    the imagery makes my eyes bleed

  • melo

    Iouno…she kinda looks like one of those Philipino man/woman things.


    get it webster!!!

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Is he wearing suspenders? Oh well….Get it Webster!!

  • Woudat X

    bet he have a pole to compensate for nature’s misfortunes..

  • Breaking the monotony (Lean)

    The girl is beautiful!

  • Toxicity

    He still looks like a cute/adorable little kid unlike ashy GARY COLEMAN!
    KUDOS to Webster!

  • Journey

    He needs to lose some weight


    Webster’s morphing into a turtle.

  • Samuel Jackson Beer

    bang bang bang bang bang

  • LeahLeah

    Is he wearing blush?

  • Mock Rock Star

    I will always see Emmanuel Lewis as a kid

  • wouldihavebeenaharriettubmanoranordinaryeverydayslave?

    He is if he’s still getting that Webster money.


    Getting it in where? In back of her knee? LMAO

  • Yeah ya c

    I would marry that chick like 5 minutes ago… She is beautiful… No lie..

  • Jay the Real One

    He have to run his whole body up in that

  • PhillyinDubai

    She is fine!

  • Honut Sinti

    Webster is eternally cute with his little round face and body. Looking like a plush toy!

  • JustMe1981

    I wonder if Webster has any children?! Webster don’t know what to do with that.

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