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Woman Kills Family, Lays With Bodies For Two Days After Botched Suicide

So sad. A mentally ill woman tried to commit a murder suicide of her entire family. Instead, she ended up having to lay injured with the bodies of her husband and infant son for two days after failing her own suicide attempt. Via MailOnline:

A popular teacher killed her husband and infant son over the weekend in an attempted double murder suicide.

Erin Agren of Whatcom County, Washington shot her husband, Michael Jordan, and their 17-month-old son Miles before attempting to kill herself.

She instead shot herself in the shoulder, and lay on the floor with her family’s dead bodies nearby for two days until she was discovered by a realtor who had arrived to show the house.

KIRO reports that the realtor, Steve Mullenix, heard Agren yelling for help from the master bedroom at around 3pm on Sunday when he and some potential buyers showed up to the home for an open house.

Agren, who has reportedly suffered from mental health issues in the past including paranoia, later admitted to police that she shot her husband and son dead.

Terrible that she couldn’t get adequate help for her issues before it came to this. SMH.




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