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KKK Fights To Keep Klansman Mural In Courthouse In Florida

The organizer of a rally in support of a mural in the Baker County Courthouse that includes images of hooded Ku Klux Klansmen was disappointed there weren’t as many people as she had hoped for, but she was thankful for those that did turn out to support keeping the mural.

Via News 4 Jax:

People in Baker County came to the courthouse with their Confederate flags, saying that the flag, along the mural inside the courthouse, are symbols of heritage and history, not of racism.

“They’ve got everything wrong on that. It’s not a racist thing,” Gary Faulk said.

“My thought is that it’s a bunch of malarkey. This is history, it’s got nothing to do with racism. It’s about heritage and that’s the way it should be,” Ron Stewart said.

This mural has been inside of the Baker County Courthouse since 2001, and many who live in the county say they like the mural.

“They talked about it what 10 years ago. It should’ve been left alone then. That’s it,” Stewart said.

Earlier this week, a petition was started online to have the mural removed. As of Saturday morning, the petition had over 800 signatures.

Shortly after that, a second petition was started by people in support of the mural. That petition has nearly 1,000 signatures.

“We all stick together. One for all and all for one. That’s it,” Stewart said.

You can’t be serious!


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