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Christine Chisholm Says She Slit Her Wrists After “THOT” Video Came Out

The woman suing 2Chainz for branding her a “THOT” in an online video said the footage left her suicidal.

Christine Chisholm said she tried to end her life several times by slitting her wrists and upper thighs after her mother told her that being in the “THOT” video had shamed the family. Chisholm said she also took it hard that bullies targeted her sister, Elizabeth, a student at the University of North Carolina, taunting her with “Is this your thot?”, “Thot-Tina,” and “Are you a thot?”

Chisholm, 26 said she didn’t go to the hospital after the suicide attempts, but eased her despondency by attending church and confiding in her nearest and dearest.

Chisholm made the sad claims in new court docs July 20 in the U.S. District Court in Charlotte, N.C., where she asked a judge for a speedy trial or settlement.

Besides the suicide attempt, the woman said a stripper jumped her because of the video, and she now has to travel everywhere with security.

“In this particular case, the plaintiff Christine Chisholm was called a thot before being scratched in the face numerous times,” the filing reads. “The plaintiff did not seek medical treatment at the time, since the scratches were not life threatening. The plaintiff did hire personal security to accompany her on numerous occasions.”

Chisholm sued 2Chainz earlier this month, alleging that a video he shot of her backstage at a concert with the hash tag #IzThatYoThot, humiliated her and ruined her life. She claims 2Chainz’s video—which has been viewed millions of times –means she can’t date, lost her job as a receptionist in a barber shop and is constantly ridiculed in public. Chisholm originally asked for $5 million in damages, but has since upped the stakes by asking for $10 million.

Chisholm maintains that she was invited backstage by 2Chainz friend Cap 1, and goes as far as to draw a diagram of the club for a blow-by-blow account of her version of events.

She said she has pics of her and 2Chainz as well as 2Chainz’s DJ that show they all knew each other, and the rapper “had malicious intent to defame the plaintiff and gain publicity.”



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