#SayHerName: 9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up

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9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up

If you’re a non-racist, discerning citizen, then you can probably assume that Sandra Bland was actually murdered and didn’t commit suicide as the Waller County police department insists. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory or people being paranoid. There’s real evidence that something is amiss. For example…

The trash bag – The story of her hanging herself with the trash bag just doesn’t make sense.

The ‘Mugshot’ – There’s speculation that this mugshot has been taken after she died. And the evidence is pretty damning.

The “Faulty Autopsy” – The district attorney is asking for a “redo” on Bland’s autopsy do to an initial “faulty” one. What?

The Video “Glitch” – The dashcam video of Bland being arrested had multiple hiccups and edits. Cars disappear and video is looped, but this is part of a “glitch” and the video wasn’t edited. Right.

The “Suicide” Attempt – According to intake documents, she said she had attempted suicide before on one section of the documents, but on another she said she hadn’t. Was even this document tampered with?

Bad Monitoring – The jail hand officers involved with Bland’s death have been cited for improper monitoring of her cell or making sure she was alive.

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    Sandra’s New Job – Sandra was on her way to a new job when she was pulled over. Now, we don’t want to discredit reasons people have for committing suicide but it’s odd that she would right before a new job.

    Waller County History – Waller county has a disturbing history of racism dating back to them being the last county in America to free its slaves.

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