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10 Racist Wrestling Characters You Can’t Believe Existed

So, apparently Hulk Hogan is racist. But this isn’t an isolated event. Wrestling has been racist for decades with embarrassing characters the whole time. It’s…hard to watch sometimes, but we do it anyway. Just look at these wrestlers and how horrible they are.

Akeem The African Dream – He was a jive-talking White guy from Africa…who was white.

Kamala – The “Ugandan Giant” is just a guy from Mississippi. But they painted his face and had him slap his tummy while being incoherent.

The Godfather – He. Was. A Pimp.

Mizark Henry – One night on WWE RAW, Degeneration X all dressed in blackface to mimic the Nation of Domination, including X-Pac dressing like Fat Albert to make fun of Mark Henry.

Roddy Piper – He once wrestled a match in half-blackface because…sigh.

Papa Shango – He was a voodoo doctor…because of course he was.

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The Mexicools – They were Mexicans. Who drove a lawnmower to the damn ring.

Virgil – He was Ted DiBiase’s servant…basically a damn slave.

Muhammad Hassan – He was a middle-eastern terrorist who preached anti-American rhetoric all the time.

Vince McMahon – Just watch it.


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