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Man Receives $4K In Chicken Box

No good deed goes unpunished. A man mistakenly accepted $4,500 in cash from a Bojangles’ restaurant after complaining about cold food…but once he returned it, he got the cold shoulder. Via HuffPost:

A Virginia man found and returned $4,500 that was mistakenly served to him inside a bag of fried chicken, but he has a beef with the way the restaurant treated him after he saved the day.

James Minor went to a Bojangles’ restaurant in Henrico on Friday for some chicken, but said he was unhappy to find that it was cold.

“I sent it back to the person who was working the window and I asked them to get some fresh chicken,” Minor told WTVR. “And they told me to pull up in the drive-thru and fresh chicken would be out in six or seven minutes.”

When the new order arrived, Minor found himself one lucky duck. Instead of the chicken he ordered, there was $4,500 in cash and some deposit slips.

Minor was shocked and went to speak to the manager immediately. He was even more shocked by the manager’s response.

“The manager came and I said, ‘Can you please tell me as a customer why is this money in a Bojangles’ box? Whose money is it? And, is this a setup?’” Minor told “And so the manager says, ‘If you would’ve drove off, we would’ve called the authorities on you.’”

Minor returned the money and was offered a free meal by another manager, but the whole experience left a bad taste in his mouth, especially after he called a district manager who he says hung up on him, according to WTVR.

SMH! You would think they could just say “thank you.”


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