Lafayette Theater Shooting: Gunman Once Hung Nazi Swastika Outside His Bar

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Lafayette Theater Shooter Once Hung Nazi Swasitka Outside His Bar In Protest

So, the shooter was a Hitler Stan…

Via NYDailyNews

Long before becoming a mass shooter madman, John Russell Houser was just a small-town pub owner — with a blatant Nazi fetish.

Archival photos from the LaGrange Daily News in Georgia show Houser trying to present himself as a respectable businessman back in 2001, shortly before hanging a swastika banner in his law-breaking business.

It was one of many early signs of trouble for the mentally disturbed man who fatally shot two people and wounded nine before turning the gun on himself at a screening of the comedy “Trainwreck” in Lafayette, La. Thursday night.

There goes that term again. “Mentally disturbed”. Smh.

Back in 2001, John Houser begged the LaGrange City Council to allow him to keep the liquor license for his local bar after he was caught slangin’ booze to the youngins.

When his license was ultimately denied, this is how he expressed his displeasure:

Houser’s bizarre protest against the decision put him back in local headlines.

He hung a six-foot banner outside his pub with a swastika and the phrase “Welcome to LaGrange.”

The sick stunt meant to liken his local government to the Nazi party, he explained.

“The people who used (swastikas) — the Nazis — they did what they damn well pleased,” he told the LaGrange paper. The article showed him grinning as he stood under the inflammatory banner.

B-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

In the years after this small-town spat, Houser’s behavior only grew more erratic and hateful.

He praised Adolf Hitler’s “pragmatism” in online message boards and made violent threats against his family, leading to an involuntary hospital stay, a restraining order from family members and a failed attempt to get a pistol permit in 2006.

Houser’s criminal history dates back to a 2005 domestic violence complaint, and courts records described him as having “a history of mental health issues,” including manic depression and bipolar disorder.

Crazed, bigot, gunman. Got it.

Eff this guy.

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