Al B Sure: “Deadbeat Dad isn’t the Business”

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It is always sad when a father or mother doesn’t step up and take care of their children. Looks like Quincy and his estranged father Al B Sure have made amends. Hopefully this reunion is real and not some ridiculous publicity stunt:

Wussup World
How’s everyone?

Haven’t updated in a while. BUT NOW ITS TIME! LOL

Real brief, so lets get right to it…

In the past couple of days, a few blog/gossip sites have posted that my father and I are rebuilding our relationship. I’ve been getting emails, texts, twits, etc. regarding this situation. And YES! This is true. I will say that we are back on the right track and things are starting off well. Now that you’ve heard it from me, you know the deal.

Thanks again!


(p.s — I promise I will be updating more so yall know what’s going on with me and my life etc etc etc… )

Looks like Al B Sure must have gotten tired of all the scrutiny and probably felt obligated to come out and build a relationship with his son.

Good luck Quincy…

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  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country)

    Who cares!

  • pm

    I care .. good for them

  • Tina

    Ladies all like to join _____Meet Wealthy com_____. I really do not know why? Just cuz many wealthy men and celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  • missunderstood

    Good for them. This was a private matter from jump…

  • Its Nessa Baby (Gloks Sugar Plum)


  • English Poetry

    70% of black children born in 2008 were born into unmaried/single parent families, this is a problem.

  • Lady J

    This sounds staged…..he must have an album coming out soon…trying to stay in the media for publicity.

  • Aww Man...

    I’m happy for them. A boy needs his father. I don’t care how tough you are or how grown you think you are. And that’s real…

  • JB No longer in luve with my stripper. Now in luv with my trainer

    Al does have an album coming out this month.

  • gmommy

    I am glad that Quincey’s letters reached his dad. I can only hope that his dad is for real and wants to be with his son.


  • mamamia

    It’s ridiculous how identical they look, wow! I hope the reunion is the real thing though.

  • Nigga Said

    Al B. Sure is taking this picture and sending it to Diddy like, “take that, take that”.

  • nobody cares

    1. who cares. it’s little dustball, fatherless kids all over america. get over it

    2. jesus they look dead on each other, he does not have one ounce of his mother’s genes in him…

  • Frog-a-licious

    Damn he is the splitting image of his dad. Good for them!

  • Ian P

    I wanna know the whole story on what happened I am not going to call that man no dead beat. Its clear that the mother is a groupie hoe. I just hate it when someone is quick to call someone a deadbeat. What are you supposed to do when your son is given the world by another man. I think anyone would be considered a dead beat next to the dollars that Puffy has. Seriously if anyones baby mama or daddy got with a wealthy person wouldnt your child support look like a joke? Wouldnt anything you did look like a joke I give Puffy no credit its easy to do things when you can easily afford it. Keep that in mind before you talk about somebody.

  • 2dimplzs

    @ tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country):

    It’s one thing if you never knew your father, never saw your father while you were growing up and making that ridiculous statement you made about moving on with your life and not crying over spilled milk. It’s a whole other situation when your father was a very popular and successful R&B singer, writer and producer that the whole world knows and he won’t have any contact with you!! Matter of fact regardless of either situation it’s hard not having a father in your life period. Not everyone is able to just move on with their life from that. Many people need closure SO THEY CAN MOVE ON!! His pops is still alive, probably living in the same state as he is and he wanted to reach out to him. GOOD FOR QUINCY!!

    Yes this should have been a private matter but it looks like it took the publicity for Al step up to the plate and talk to his son!! Now THAT is a shame, but I’m very happy for them nonetheless.

  • Sharie


  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Boys need men in their lives – preferably their fathers…

    Statistics show that around 80% of criminals grew up without good father figures in their lives…

    LADIES (you single mothers out there) boys need good male role models in their lives so that they can be “properly” shown how to be a man and not grow up with a twisted (*dysfunctional) sense of manhood = having multiple girlfriends, putting their hands on women, getting involved in criminal activities, etc…

  • Mrs. Rance

    nobody cares

    1. who cares. it’s little dustball, fatherless kids all over america. get over it

    Please don’t get over it. I pray that we turn this sad situation in the black family around. I’d kill to know why black men carelessly spread their seeds around the wombs of women they don’t even respect and then abandon their children to be raised by said women. It’s not ok.

  • snoop bloggy blog ( GO LAKERS!!!!!)

    that’s really good, the lil homie look just like you! BE A FATHER TO YOUR CHILD!

  • Tee

    This is sad ..

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Anytime there’s discontent between close relatives (father/son- mother/daughter- sister/brother, it is best to reconcilliate things, because in the long run-family is the only thing that matters. To the guy who says he could care less about his father whether dead or alive, I see bitterness and animosity in your heart. If there is a desire to connect on either end, it should be welcomed with open arms. Everyone makes mistakes throughout life. Forgiveness leads to wholeness.

  • chaka1

    I am old enough the be Quincy’s mother, but he needs to call me when he turns 18. Too cute…

  • Mock Rock Star

    When children don’t have both biological parents in their life it usually cause confusion for them. Many end up growing up with the unconscious feeling of being abandon and unlovable. If you all decide to have children than make sure you and your partner (preferably spouse) stay in a healthy relationship at all cause for the children sake.

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