Back To Wack: The Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap Beef History

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The Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap Beef History

Rap battles are supposed to be ruthless and back-and-forth competitions of will and lyricism. However, sometimes they fall of the rails and become way more embarrassing for everyone involved. In light of recent events, it’s important to go back and look at some of the battles that were actually more embarrassing.

When 50 Cent and The Game accidentally kissed and made up – They hated each other. They had beef. Then when they had a make up press conference, Fiddy accidentally gave Game some smooches too.

TQ “Exposes” Lil Wayne and Birdman Kissing – He was mad at Cash Money, so he released this pic of Wayne and Baby locking lips. But everyone knew it was happening.

Meek Mill’s Life – Yeah…this is bad.

When 50 Cent Became “Pimpin’ Curly” – In order to handle his feud with Rick Ross, Fiddy donned the identity of Pimpin’ Curly and sounded like a damn fool. The beginning of the end.

Young Buck Caught Crying To 50 Cent – Fiddy posted an audio of Young Buck blubbering and saying “I’m so confurrrrsed” and it was comedy.

Common Said “Canada Dry” – Who would have thought that Common would lose a battle with Drake? But he did. And NWTS.

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    Lil Kim’s Platinum Mixtape – Lil Kim dropped a mixtape dissing Nicki Minaj and swore it went actual platinum. We had zero receipts.

    Birdman’s Sassy Drink Toss – He allegedly threw a drink at Wayne while he was performing like a bitter ex.

    Benzino’s Destruction – Eminem KILLED Benzino and basically ended his journalism career with two crazy songs. Yikes.

    Tupac (Allegedly) Banged Biggie’s Wife – Nobody wants to hear that.

    Joe Budden and Consequence Slap Boxing – They had a fight on a reality show reunion. Can it get more sus than that?

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