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The Pettiest Celebrities In The Game

The Oxford dictionary describes “Petty” as “when someone does some h*e sh*t on the side and is all passive aggressive with it.” Look it up. That’s the real academic definition. Celebrities aren’t immune to being as petty as the rest of us. Just look at how passive aggressive they can be.

Beyonce – She crops people out of her pics and posted this pic of her vacationing on the same day Kim K got married. We see you, B.

Drake – He took things a step farther in the Meek diss by sending Charlamagne bottles of Dom P. He’s the pettiest rapper of all time.

50 Cent – He is the most ruthless rap feuder of all time. Putting Rick Ross’ baby momma on a tape like that? Yeah, petty to the next level.

Martha Stewart – She dedicated a whole ad in the back of her magazine to Gwyneth Paltrow on some petty stuff. She’s a petty queen.

Wiz Khalifa – He broke up with Amber then posted a video of himself dancing and celebrating. Then he had a song called “P**** Overrated.”

Future – He spent a whole album being petty to Ciara and complaining about Wilson and his old thang.

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Birdman – He allegedly threw a drink at Wayne while he was performing. That’s petty levels high.

K. Michelle – She’s been feuding with everyone but calling Tamar a muppet was a peak petty moment.

Caitlyn Jenner – She started her name with a “C” and not a “K” because she didn’t want to deal with the family names. Get it.



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