Coupled Up: Doug Christie and His Parole Officer Jackie Christie

- By Bossip Staff

Doug Christie represented at the Cedar Sinai Sports Spectacular on Sunday night. His wifey/parole officer Jackie was glued right to his hip as usual. Melyssa Ford and her ex-video ho cakes popped up on the red carpet alongside Claudia “D-List” Jordan and Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila. Pop the hood for pics

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  • Nigga Said

    This was a star(less) studded event

  • Shun


  • GGooDie

    OMG! I can’t believe that Doug Christi is still around.

    Nice couple. Congrats!

  • Caramel Cat

    Parole Officer is an accurate description. She definitely keeps him on a short leash. I wonder if they’ve had their annual nuptuals for 2009 yet.

  • Tropical English

    Call them nuts if you want but she got an NBA player that aint cheatin! Go head girl! And go head to him to cause he know how to keep that marriage together. I aint mad, its working and they seem happy.

  • Dorothy

    If its works for them, more power to them!

  • bay girl

    maybe shee needs to think out of the box in this day and she shouldn’t be as worried bout the women as the other DL men lol…just kidding nice couple

  • leo

    Glad to see Zena is back on the scene

  • I dont get it!

    Call me crazy, but I think Jackie Christie is well within her right to keep that dude in line. She is in a extreme posiion as a NBA players wife a needs to take extreme measures to keep her family together. We all have heard the crazy groupie stories and know how far they will go. Plus he is not complaining nor has he left her so he must LOVE the way she handles things. I gotta respect the fact that he holds her in such a high regard, when he could be out making babies with eveybody, sleeping with men and spreading disease like alomst all the rest of the NBA.

    I say KUDOS to them, congrats on the long marriage and hope they have many more years to come.

  • Bringthanoize

    Doug, whom I know, has many homies in the 206, get a clue, he balled in HS at National powerhouse Rainier Beach and still kicks it w/ his RB crew.

    I think more NBA wives should follow suit unless they like their men banging everything that moves. Love is give & take and as long as they are together-happy, DC has no kids outside the marriage, who are we to judge in this era of quick fix media hyped couples?

    Btw- did you know that Jackie had relationship issues earlier in life- b4 she met DC, when she was used & abused?

  • Gemini

    The ladies look great

  • Carla

    Yes Jackie is Doug’s parole officer/wife, I heard her speaking on a television interview and seems like a very insecure woman. She sounds like she’s paranoid of losing her marriage with Doug. Any way she ‘s not that independant really she’s took his last name, go figure !

  • Carla

    And no if I have to put a GPS tracker on my boyfriend or husband then I don’t need him in my life, lol.

  • 2dimplzs

    @ Carla:

    Yes, she is EXTREMELY insecure and that would drive me NUTS! I think she and Doug have a toxic, needy relationship.

    That’s all I’m saying! Make these professional athletes MAN UP and take responsibility for their actions! Folks act like the groupies have some special power of these athletes that they can’t resist them when they are married. That is total Bullsh*t!!!!

  • the truth is

    Doug should’ve got him a WHITE WOMAN!!!
    he would’ve been able to do want he wants because they let their HUSBANDS BE MEN, unlike……well you know who and what

  • 2am

    That’s whats up

  • B.N.J


  • Bohwe

    It could be possible that DC loves Jackie for being posessive and in control. Obviously, since he’s still with her. And maybe, just maybe he’s that way towards her. Noone knows the dynamic of their relationship. I say, she is keeping up with her money, don’t hate. It’s her investment, and like all investments it needs to be looked after. As the wife and mother of his kids, Jackie would be crazy to fall into the dumb trap of letting him run free. So, some groupie, or gold digger can swoop in and build his ego up, so he can leave his wife and kids. No, Jackie do you, cuz those who are complaining either don’t have a man, or man is broke.

  • Trina

    A man like Christie always find a way to strike out with another woman.
    Don’t let him fool you- Maybe this is Why is she so jealous?
    Stay tuned!!

  • Bohwe

    He looks happy, and he doesn’t appear to be trapped.

    But on one episode, they were at a pool, and she was with her girls by the poolside, and he was with his boys in the pool, and some women walked passed, he glanced their way, and she noticed and gave him a look and made a comment. That was funny, she has the man on locked down. But, would she do it, if he was a broke Darnell from the Post Office.

  • chocolate chip

    Wow Jackie looks a mess- did she shave her head- look at those tacky tatoos. dam she looks bad. Poor Doug- He can only have dinner with her- she doesn’t even allow him to eat with his teammates. He cannot look another woman in the eye especially a white woman- Jackie you’re just too cool- Doug you are the biggest “P” in the history of the world and your a coward


    whatever works for them!
    they look happy and that’s all that matters!!

  • missunderstood

    I respect his “parole officer” wife! It’s the ones who sit back and say “my man would never… blah, blah, blah” knowing he’s in the NBA and hoes literally do anything to get, sleep with, trap athletes and entertainers. She got it right if you ask me… They get re-married EVERY YEAR! I think that’s spectacular, and I say keep up the hard work! (cause it ain’t easy)
    As for the party…. yawn….

  • NoooooooBoo

    It’s like this, if you have to “keep tabs” on your man, you need a new man!!!!! Granted, Doug is still the shit….but ol girl need to step her game up if she gonnabe talking all that “my man….shit”

  • enkogkneegro

    Shawn Kemp could have used a wife like Christie’s, besides some of these players aren’t that bright and get thru school on and into the pros thru pure athletic talent and if it weren’t for strong wives or family would end up broke, homeless or in jail…….you know the kind of shyt that happens when the checks stop coming in!!

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