Tameka Gets Blasted on Twitter for Ush’s “Affair”

- By Bossip Staff

Usher has been photographed without wearing his wedding ring lately and hasn’t been seen with his wife publicly in months. This has led some to suspect that things between he and Tameka Raymond aren’t going all that well.

Pop the lid for the Twitter war that is currently raging on between Tameka and a blogger about Ush gettin’ it in on the side. Also check out Ush’s newest jawn:

“Blogger”@tamekaraymond Your friends have been dropping hints about U and Usher all along. Umm, why isn’t your husband following you on Twitter?

TamekaRaymondRT @nanwatsie: @TamekaRaymond u always sound in a good mood (I’m NOT! but I don’t stay mad at ANYthing for long life is TOO short)

TamekaRaymond: Ok..taking a nap. So I’ve been told. Lol~ twit soon ;0)

“Blogger”@tamekaraymond So what if that girl is a product manager? Weren’t you Usher’s stylist? And weren’t u a married woman at the time?

TamekaRaymond@”Blogger” youre a angry woman I dont know y or who hurt u, but it wasnt me. I will pray for you. Im happy & life is GOOD for me! Enjoy urs

TamekaRaymond: now that my nap has been put on delay..let me DELETE so that im not sending my good followers over to Follow foolery ;~) its easy 2 do trust

“Blogger”@TamekaRaymond So they have a Justin’s in Santa Monica now? Who knew?

“Blogger”@TamekaRaymond Why would your husband fly Justin’s product manager to the west coast as opposed to you, his wife?

TamekaRaymond: this ish is like feeding a kid candy…… we love drama…no maaam not on my dime!

“Blogger”@TamekaRaymond Silly me for not listening to YOUR friends, lol. They TRIED to tell me the truth, but u know how hard headed I am.

Oh just in case you wonder if it got any uglier:

“Blogger”@TamekaRaymond Checking to see if there’s a rule that says a product manager can’t creep with a married man while his wife sits on Twitter

TamekaRaymond: she is ugly, mad cuz she has NO man, cant find a good woman, sh**s all bad!!! I’d be salty nuts too…yall sing Kum ba Ya.. for her..lol

TamekaRaymondRT @shea10149 Brush @”Blogger” off. She’s mad cuz she old, ugly, and looks like a burnt cigarette. We go elsewhere for our gossip anyway.

First the pics of Ush with his new side piece in LA and now a Twitter war between Tameka and a blogger. Damn, this mess is getting heated.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re

    My head hurts.

  • mr mr


  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re

    Somebody said she looked like a burnt cigarette. Smh…



  • Ayo....Yeah YOU!


  • http://myspace.com/iamboop mortiz88

    usher is an unattractive dude. im lez but, he is damnit i dont care. they dont seem like they were ever really happy.

  • pjDuncan

    Tameka would be cute if she wasnt so ugly…Bless her heart.

  • GHana

    This is so silly. Leave them alone…damn!

  • MRS. OH LAWDY!!!

    HEY RE!!

  • JB (17 days and counting)

    UM why is she even on twitter? Tameka get it together girl before you end up a babymama

  • JB (17 days and counting)

    Hey Mrs. Oh lawdy!! How was everything!!!

    Hey Re

  • Moi

    Bloggers need to get their heads out of celebs business so much.

  • MRS. OH LAWDY!!!

    it was all good I get my proofs this weekend i will send them out! hwat are you counting down for now??

  • dee

    If she was LIGHT SKINNED IM sure she wouldnt be a problem. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Cutie

    Good Morning yall….

    Tameka is playing her position. Very smart…cause all this drama while Usher has a new single come out (which I like and would not have otherwise gave a shyt being that I wasn’t checking for Usher until this blog). She prob TOLD him to be CAUGHT late at night without his wedding ring with some thick red bone… lol….let’s not forget..she is into PR.

  • JB (17 days and counting)

    My date with my Stripper at his show. Yeah there will be like 50 women there, but her is there only for me. (delusional right)

  • Ash

    She likes the life she is living so she doesn’t care. She’s got the money so she’s happy about that.

  • Nique

    Im confused but its ok….:(

    @least they didnt say she looks like dried dooky…that would’ve hurt alittle more.lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/IHearMusique Re

    @Oh Lawdy

    Hey lovely ladies!

  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country - Universal Healthcare!)

    How do we even know that’s Tameka…I really don’t see her saying anything that bad about anyone. I see a blogger basically stalking her, trying to provoke her into saying something.

  • Bugsy

    who cares?

  • The artist formerly known as Vee (playing hooky from work today)

    Morning Fam!

    Hey JB, Oh Lawdy-how was your big day???

  • .

    the blogger is sandra rose. they really hate each other

  • missunderstood

    she left her own damn yard a mess to go play in someone else’… what goes around comes around…
    On the other hand, I hope Ursh is not out there just flaunting his ‘situation’ (side piece)… Just get a divorce already, if that is the case…

  • tb (Obama needs to fix the healthcare system in this country - Universal Healthcare!)

    @ dee

    ^5…You can say that again!

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