Columbus Short Talks New Movie Roles, Runs On "Empire" And "Scandal"

Bossip Exclusive: Columbus Short On Sliding In DM’s, A Potential Return To “Scandal” And Being “Mr. Right”

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Columbus Short Talks “Mr. Right” Movie And Reveals He’s In The Film Adaptation Of “True 2 The Game”

Last year it seemed as if the drama in actor Columbus Short’s life far outweighed anything he was facing on the big or small screen. Fortunately things seem to be looking up, with the actor currently starring in “Mr. Right,” a romantic comedy that premiered to rave reviews on BET and is now available on DVD and VOD (Amazon, iTunes, M-Go). While promoting the film, Short took some time to chat with BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Janeé Bolden about his role in “Mr. Right,” a possible return to “Scandal” and whether or not he’ll appear on “Empire.”

Check out the interview below:

Bossip: So you’re Mr. Right, right? In the movie?

Columbus Short: Yes, yes in the movie. Absolutely.

Bossip: So what attracted you to the roll of Michael?

Columbus Short: It was fun. I mean i knew I’d have fun playing a, you know, quasi-ladies man. There was a likability about him, he was an artist. I love characters that have a little bit of some layers. This guy on paper looks like he’s a gigolo but he’s an artist. He’s a lover, he’s still a dreamer. All those qualities that aren’t so apparent in male roles, especially Black male roles so it’s an interesting role to play, and fun! It’s very fun.

Bossip: It’s interesting you say its a layered part, are you typically more interested in playing the good guy or the bad guy?

CS: I like playing humans. Whether it’s a good guy or a bad guy I don’t want it to be boring. If it’s a villain, I don’t want to play a villain that’s written as a villain that’s just obvious. You know, “Oh he’s the bad guy with no other qualities”, cause, you know, sometimes good people do bad things for the right reasons and visa versa so just people who are flawed and have real human character traits. Everyone’s not all bad and everyone’s not all good.

Bossip: True. Now, you also got to work with Jackie Long on the project I know you guys are close. You worked on a music project together, so what do you think it is about that dynamic, you and Jackie, that works so well on screen?

CS: I think me and Jackie are gonna do a lot of movies together. It’s kind of like me and Jackie have that true energy. It’s like who can I liken it to, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. There’s an interesting story why I wanted Jackie for the movie. It’s because I wanted to have the freedom to not carry the weight. when you’re the lead of a movie, you have to carry the weight sometimes. You’re in a lot more of the scenes than your cast members and sometimes you just want a little help. And I know Jackie would be able to enter the scene and be hilarious all the time. So he allows me to play a straighter role and not have to cover the funny. Together it just works. You’ve hung out with us, we kinda just have a banter between the two of us, it’s just us. Long and Short. Short and Long, you know what I’m saying?

Bossip:That’s a funny life coincidence.

Columbus Short: Right.

Bossip: In the film, your’e actually kind of the main go to for this dating service. We were curious if you’d ever actually use a dating service or if you ever have?

Columbus Short: Nah, not really. Not unless you count IG as a dating service.

Bossip: Oh, so you like to slide in DM’s, huh?

>Columbus Short: I mean I have, you know, been slid on in my DM’s. I’m not gonna lie I have slid into a couple of DM’s here or there, especially in this last year. But um, nah I have never used a dating service and I don’t know if I ever would. I don’t know, I can see why people use the, and the EHarmony and all those things, you know, everyone wants love, i guess. You know, sometimes it’s hard to find, so people kind of manufacture it. Would I do it? No. But i’m not one knocking anyone who does.

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