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Stacey Dash Says Women Are To Blame For High Divorce Rate

Clueless Fox News host Stacey Dash recently blamed women for the high divorce rate in America. The actress who has been divorced 3 times claims women just don’t take care of their men anymore…

Via Addicting Info:

Leave it to Fox News to blame women for failed relationships just because they don’t personally thank their man for having sex with them by going into the kitchen to make a sandwich and pop open a beer. Apparently, allowing their man to have sex with them just isn’t enough.

Even Fox “comedian” Ryan Reiss seemed confused about the whole getting a beer right after a shower suggestion, to which Stacey Dash replied that Reiss doesn’t have the right woman if she isn’t getting him drunk to reward him for keeping up with his daily hygiene.

“I think that’s why divorce rates are so high,” Dash continued. “Women don’t know how to take care of their men anymore.”

I guess Dash would know all about this, right? After all, she has been divorced three times. Someone apparently failed culinary school, beer maid training and the test in the back of their 1950s housewife strategy guide.

Tantaros then chimed in to suggest that women always answer the door while wearing nothing but lingerie to prevent their man from straying; and then she claims that she does all of these things herself to keep her man happy.

Check out the video below:

Stacey has some damn nerve!



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