Bobby Brown Says He Should Have Prevented Bobbi Kristina's Death

Bobby Brown Expresses Guilt Over Bobbi Kristina’s Death – “I Should Have Made Her Go To Rehab”

- By Bossip Staff

Bobby Brown Says He Should Have Prevented Bobbi Kristina’s Death

Bobby Brown is understandably distraught over the tragic death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina. Now, an anonymous family member is reporting that Bobby is wracking his own brain with guilt, wondering why he didn’t simply take control over his daughter’s life when it was clear she was getting out of hand. Via MailOnline:

Bobbi Kristina Brown was laid to rest beside her mother, Whitney Houston, yesterday but her father, Bobby Brown, was not there.

He is reeling over her tragic death, telling friends he could have prevented it and is beating himself up over not fighting harder for her life.

‘Bobby has so much guilt that it is eating him up every day,’ a close family friend explained to Daily Mail Online exclusively.

‘He told me he should have insisted Krissy get help for her drug addiction and he should have forced Nick Gordon to move out of her townhouse and leave her alone — legally, if necessary.’

‘Bobby says he was her father no matter what age she was and he should have fought her or anyone else who stopped her from saving her from herself,’ says the friend.

He realizes his daughter saw a lot of drugs and domestic abuse growing up in the house with him and her mother, Whitney, who basically lived in a drug-infested den.

But he says he should have tried harder to make it right after Whitney died.

‘Bobby told me “I should have gone to court to get a judge to make Bobbi Kristina go to rehab and then become her guardian — like Britney Spears’ father did to save her,”‘ the friend said.

So sad. There’s no need in placing or accepting blame now that she’s gone…he’ll just torture himself that way.



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