Deuces: Will And Jada Secretly Leave The Church Of Scientology

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Will And Jada Smith Quietly Leave Scientology

Even though they’ve already shot down reports that they’re headed for splitsville, Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith have already severed some major ties…to the church of Scientology. Insiders confirmed earlier this year that the Smith clan wasn’t a part of their Hollywierd cult. But new tax documents seem to indicate that they actually were highly contributing members at some point…and quietly tiptoed out before speculation became confirmed. Via RadarOnline:

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith insist they are not yet divorcing, but can learn that they have already secretly split — from the Church of Scientology! Tax records uncovered by Radar reveal that the acting couple even got a quiet refund on a seven-figure donation they made to a church-affiliated organization, as a former leader confirms they are no longer members.

Rumors about the Smiths and the church first surfaced in 2007, when Will told Access Hollywood that super-Scientologist Tom Cruise had introduced him to the religion. Then in 2008, he and his wife donated $70,000 to Scientology causes, according to tax documents for their Will Smith Foundation, and dumped a whopping $1.2 million into the Scientology-centered New Village Leadership Academy in 2011.

Tax documents obtained by Radar show that in 2010, the Smiths’ WJS Trust donated $1,235,000 to the NVLA. Though not a strictly Scientologist project, the school used Scientology teachings in its curriculum and was run by individuals with ties to the church.

The school closed in 2013, but according to tax records obtained by Radar, the Smiths weren’t left hanging. NVLA’s 2013 tax return shows that the full $1,235,000 was refunded to the WJS trust.

Since then, Will and Jada’s foundation has not supported any publicly Scientologist causes. They have, however, donated to several other religious organizations through the Will Smith Foundation. In 2013, for example, they donated $20,000 to the Oaks Christian School in West Lake Village, Calif., $2,000 to the Laurel Street Baptist Church in L.A., and $5,000 to the Macedonia Baptist Church in Jada’s hometown of Baltimore.

Interesting. Good thing these two hopped out before ending up profiled on “Going Clear.”

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