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A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Ended Other Celebrities’ Careers

Nobody wants to see celebrities’ careers end. Most of the time. But sometimes they just have to end. And sometimes they end thanks to other celebrities. That’s how deep the feuds get. These celebrities went so hard that they ended other people’s careers.

Ja Rule
Career Ended By: 50 Cent –
Their feud is well-documented and it’s no real surprise that Ja was never the same. Ever.

Career Ended By: Eminem –
Once Eminem blasted Benzino with the disses, Benz had to leave the Source and we haven’t heard him really rap since.

Manny Pacquiao
Career Ended By: Floyd Mayweather –
Manny may have more fights but if he can’t beat Floyd then it’s a wrap for him.

Hulk Hogan
Career Ended By Bubba The Love Sponge –
The radio DJ filmed Hulk Hogan banging his wife and the video included Hogan’s racist rants that have effectively ended his career.

Career Ended By Jay Z –
Jay put him on the Summer Jam screen and nothing was really ever the same.

Lil Flip
Career Ended By T.I. –
Tip rapped him to death then they had a really weird fight where their security teams beat each other up.

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Doug Williams
Career Ended By Jamie Foxx –
Jamie killed him with one comedy skit. Doug was never the same.

Bill Cosby
Career Ended By Hannibal Burress –
Hannibal started the whole firestorm again about Bill Cosby’s sexual assaults with a stand-up act.


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