Lenny Kravitz's Piercer Describes His Genitals And Piercing Function

Freaks: Lenny Kravitz’s Pro Peen Piercer Professes That He Has “Great Anatomy”

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Lenny Kravitz’s Piercing Guru Describes His Peen And The Function Of Piercing

Lenny lets it hang low…

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Lenny Kravitz is pierced for her pleasure.

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old rocker made headlines when he split his pants and flashed the audience, showing a lack of underwear and a prominent penis piercing, while performing in Sweden.

“The piercing still looks happy, healthy and very sturdy,” Elayne Angel, who has pierced Kravitz several times over the years, told Mashable in an interview published on Friday. “I was proud to see it still alive and kicking.”

Kravitz, who had joked about the wardrobe malfunction in a Twitter exchange with Steven Tyler, has not commented. Angel, who specializes in nipple and genital piercings, also explained that he technically has a pubic piercing, located where his penis meets his torso.

“Lenny, he had a great anatomy for it,” she told Mashable.

And the piercing is not just for show.

“It hits the woman in the clitoris during intercourse,” she said.

Well, alrighty then…

“He liked the idea of having one that was in proximity to his penis but not on it,” she said. “He’s definitely into aesthetics and how it looks. But this one also had function. It was meant to please women.”

In an official description for her 2009 book The Piercing Bible, Angel says she has given Kravitz many piercings, including his nipple rings, and that she was also his “tour piercer” for two weeks.

“After I pierced his nipples, which he clearly enjoyed, Lenny Kravitz announced, ‘I wish I had ten nipples so I could have you pierce all of them’,” she wrote.

Lenny is wild boy. Ladies, you down?

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