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Comedian Claims Former Cameraman Threatened To Spill His Secrets Unless He Coughed Up Cash

Chris Tucker is accusing his ex-employee of attempting to blackmail him unless he handed over a large sum of cash – and he’s headed to court to demand the judge find the man in breach of their non-disclosure agreement.

Terry Hodges filed suit against Tucker, claiming he did a ton of work – starting in 2008 – for the comedian and his recent Netflix special: editing, writing, acting and producing – and hasn’t been paid in a dime in years.

Hodges claimed in his lawsuit that he racked up $66,000 in fees travelling across the country to work with Tucker, but hadn’t received a paycheck regularly since 2011. Hodges accused Tucker of lying to him about listing Hodges as co-producer for the Netflix special. He sued for unspecified damages for the unpaid work he did for the comedian.

Then recently, Tucker fired back at his former employees lawsuit claiming it’s a bunch of nonsense. Tucker said he consulted with Hodges on his special and had him warm up the audience and introduced him to the crowd, but he was NEVER hired to write, edit, produce or act for the comedy special.

The comedian shot down all the allegations in the complaint and said the man had been paid in full for his work. He demanded the lawsuit be thrown out.

Then on August 6th, Tucker filed a counter-suit against Hodges demanding more than $250,000 from the man.

Tucker explains that the two entered into a deal which stated Hodges would warm up the audience and introduce the comedian at his shows. Tucker said during their time working together, Hodges was exposed to private information about Tucker. Tucker claims he had Hodges sign a non-disclosure agreement while working with him.

The comedian said earlier this year Hodges threatened to release private information about Tucker to the public, which included his personal and business affairs. He claims the man tried to demand huge sums of cash or he would publicly embarrass and humiliate him.

To make matters worse, Tucker said he loaned Hodges lots of cash over the years, and Hodges is actually the one who owes him money — not the other way around. He claims at the moment he owes him a total of $37,000.

Tucker is suing his ex-employee for more than $250,000, plus the $37,000 owed to him for loans he handed out.



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