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Here are some shots of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush out in Malibu. Kim must be trying hard to get wifed-up for real. She doesn’t have that booty and rack on display like her usual ho steez.

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  • DaTrufe

    1st, i can take her!

  • DaTruth

    That’s right Reg!!! keep knockin’ the stuffin out dat Egg McMuffin!

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Reggie must be beating it up good cause Kim K. is getting her humble, humble on. Hope Reg. is working on his running skillz while on break.

  • kigali

    I really hated that outfit/style she is wearing when it was popular. Was glad to see it go. Hope she doesnt bring it back.

  • life

    black men! DONT YOU UNDERSTAND…most of us black women get mad because we love you…appreciate your manhood and want black love to continue…

  • victory is mine

    I wonder if they’ll be going to the bring a white girl party…

  • Tam

    @Don Boogie

    I agree! We are so over them! If we don’t pay them any more attention then they will go away!

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    @Victory is mine

    No Kim Kardashian & Coco (Ms. Camel Toe) are hosting a “Bring a Black Dude” Party…

  • my words

    MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!



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    This is our open letter of thanks. We will always be in your debt to you for your labor. You built this country and were responsible for the great wealth we still enjoy today. Upon your backs, laden with the stripes we sometimes had to apply for disciplinary reasons, you carried our nation.

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  • mstrendydiva

    I must say…I love Kim’s look in these pic’s but I think this is all publicity for her show…there is nothing else for them to really talk about on that show and this is so they can have another season…what else really is going on in her life worth talking about…it’s just funny cause it seemed like he was just hittin it every now and then and all of a sudden he head over heels in love all up under her all the time…so fake…

  • Mocha Java

    boring couple

  • Van (Tokyo,Japan)

    I thought I’d never say this,but they look fine together.

  • I'm Just Me


  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    she may want to curtail her spending habits in Malibu until after her court date with Sonja Norwood…..a couple of observations….her father is Armenian but what is her mother Kris? as far as I am concerned, if she’s not Black then she’s White….but regardless if Reggie likes it then I love it….do I think that their relationship will last…probably not, but clearly he isn’t going anywhere any time soon and neither is she

  • JEAN


  • The Brown Hornet

    Reggie needs a job or to go back to school and finish his degree or somethin’. DOn’t really care about her skin color, but SHE IS A HO or at least has EXTREMELY HOSISH TENDANCIES (See Ray J)

    This is not the kind of femal I would want any brother or son of mine to be with in public.

    While many f us have hooked up with afreak or skeeze or two, we kept it in private NOT THE MALL or every event we are invited to.

    REGGIE – Get a female with some class. Ain’t not puddy that good!

  • Speaker of The House

    I don’t know if they are a couple. I know if they are involved he is a lucky brother to have Kim. He would be a fool to mess things up with her.

  • Hot Mama

    Anonymous3 – the fire.. from what I’ve read her mother is Iranian and her father is Armenian so she’s definitely not a white person.

    It never ceases to amaze me that 99% of every blog that these folks are in has some mention of the their race difference.

  • Amy


  • Southern Belle 225

    Still haven’t figured out why anyone cares that they are dating. I don’t have feelings about it one way or the other. Who cares about the fact that she isn’t black? He is not the first black man to make it big time and get him a non-black woman and he wont be the last. life goes on. lets get over it. that is all

  • Bruhmann

    Hot Mama

    Anonymous3 – the fire..

    from what I’ve read her mother is Iranian and her father is Armenian so she’s definitely not a white person.


    Y’all are funny with this Kim ain’t white nonsense.

    Armenians are caucasians, which = WHITE.

    Iranians are caucasians, which = WHITE.

    Kim Kardashian is a caucasian woman, i.e. WHITE CHICK.

    White people, just like blacks and asians, come in different varieties. Expand your mind.

  • SMDH

    “Armenians are caucasians, which = WHITE.

    Iranians are caucasians, which = WHITE.”

    Kims mother is NOT Iranian… What Iranian is named Kristen Houghton and is born in San Diego, California?? Houghton doesn’t even remotely sound Iranian.. LOL!! Stop it!! Kim Kardashian is white..

  • vixen

    SMDH thanks

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    @ Bruhman –

    I never said that Kim wasn’t white….this has taken on a whole new thing all together….Hot Mama actually got on me because I said in my earlier post ” as far as I’m concerned if she isn’t Black then she’s White” I could care less if her father is Armenian and her mother is of European or Persian descent..

  • Bruhmann

    @Anonymous3 – the fire sign

    My post was not directed at you. I was agreeing with you.

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