No, Nope, Nah: TD Jakes “Clarifies” His Stance On Homosexuality, Still Believes It’s A Sin

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Rev. T.D. Jakes Reinforces His Stance That Gay Marriage Is A Sin Against God

“Don’t get it twisted, boy.” -T.D. Jakes (of a facsimile thereof)

Via BlackChristianNews

Although the vast majority of people seemed to understand my previous post on this subject, a few seemed to question what was in their view a veil of ambiguity on the same-sex marriage statement.

I realize that there are those that will never be satisfied. But in good faith that these residual critics might have missed my true intent I provide additional clarity here.

A lot has been made of a brief interview that I conducted with HuffPo TV Live’s Marc Lamont Hill on Monday, August 3 to promote my latest book, Destiny.

After dialoging on the book, the interviewer asked a question, one of several pulled from the blogosphere about whether the “black church” and LGBT community could co-exist.

From the answer that I gave within the context that I was asked and within the time constraints imposed by live television, I responded.

Unfortunately, my answer became a flashpoint, spurring a virulent diatribe in cyber-Christian-land demanding that I reaffirm my stance on same-sex marriage—a topic that was never even broached in the HuffPo interview. In my nearly 40 years of ministry, and two decades of marketing books, I have learned that a two-minute interview does not a sermon make.

He goes on to say…

What I did say is that I am “evolving”—from the Latin, “volvere” meaning to “unroll, open, and unfold.”

The inference is that I am “developing” in my approach to the LGBT community that I may share the gospel most effectively so as to lead “whosoever will” to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Granted, “evolving” is a non-church word.

It has come to my attention that for some, “evolving” is reminiscent of the term used by the president when he shifted his position on marriage, signaling a flip-flop, six months ahead of the 2012 election. That was never the intent of my comment—nor is it representative of my convictions on this subject.

Rather than play “whack-a-mole” with the online Christian media, I have decided to reinforce my statement to further ensure that my words are not unintentionally or intentionally misconstrued to gain more eyeballs on their various sites or confuse any who missed the point of the previous transmission!

First, my beliefs about sexuality and marriage—as with all topics—is based on Scripture (2 Tim. 3:16). I firmly believe that marriage is ordained by God as a union between a man and a woman (Eph. 5:31). My stance on the topic has never wavered. It is fixed, steadfast and well documented.

Are you pickin’ up what Pastor Jakes is puttin’ down?

You can read his statement in full here.

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