“I Will Never Forget And I Have Not Forgiven”, Trayvon’s Mother Speaks In New Interview

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Sybrina Fulton Speaks Up About Legacy Of Son Trayvon And Why She’s Chosen To Lead A Movement

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin spoke in a lengthy interview with NY Mag recently, sharing her feelings since the murder of her son and the acquittal of his killer George Zimmerman. There are some gems in the Q&A and what stands out is her raw honesty with the magazine, what she feels about police violence, Black Lives Matter and her feelings on forgiveness. You can read a few questions and her responses below:

via NY Mag

You were put on the national stage when Trayvon was murdered. Are you comfortable with your role?

No. I wanted the position to go to somebody else. I wanted somebody else to be the spokesperson for the victims that you don’t know the names of, and haven’t seen on the news. I struggled with this for a long time. After many tears, and many nights on the floor, and many prayers, I said, “I can do better.” I knew I could do better than to open my eyes, look in my hand, and just have nothing there but tears. I have to do my part, I have to do something to remember my son. I have to do something to try to make a difference in this world and try to do something to bring awareness to racial profiling, gun violence, and just the evilness that’s going on right now.


Just days after the Charleston shooting, many victims’ relatives said they’d already forgiven Dylann Roof. Your response was a bit different. After George Zimmerman was acquitted, you said that as a Christian you have to forgive him, but it would take time. Have you gotten there yet?

I’m very honest about my feelings and I have not gotten there. I think the wounds to me are too fresh, and everybody forgives in their own time. I’m just not there. I will never forget, and I have not forgiven. It’s a process. I carry it every day and I’m just not there.


Do you think the federal government is doing enough to address violence against people of color?
Absolutely not. I just don’t feel like it’s enough. If the tables were turned and it was their family member, if it was their friends, and if it was happening to their community, then they would be doing a lot more. I think because it’s African-Americans it doesn’t seem as important.

We all feel that the government should be more of the voice for the people. I mean, I am an American citizen and I have certain rights, but I feel like those rights are being ignored by the government. When one of these tragedies happens and the victim is unarmed, it seems like there should automatically be an investigation by a third party. It should not be somebody from that same department investigating their own.

It just does not feel like the scale of justice is in our favor at all. A lot of times [the government] concentrates so much on other countries, but right here in our own country, we have not only whites murdering our young African-American men and women, but also black-on-black crime. That should be a major focus as well.

She spoke the truth!

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