Fair Or Foul: Kids Cuss Up A Storm Sharing 5 F****d Up Facts About The Confederate Flag [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Kids Proclaim Confederate Flag A “Symbol Of The N-Word That Is Worthy Of The F-Word”

Would you let your kids swear… for a good cause? We would… and we love this video that fights for an ending of the Confederate flag!

Via Rawstory:

The latest video from the activist group FCKH8, which uses foul-mouthed children to make provocative points about discrimination, tackles claims that the Confederate flag stands for heritage, not hate.

“If we’re having this much trouble getting rid of a symbol of racism, we are in deep sh*t getting rid of real racism,” two girls say together.

The multiracial group of kids argues against a stereotypical sweaty, white “southerner” character wearing a greasy Confederate flag cap.

The kids take turns explaining how the Confederacy was explicitly founded to preserve African slavery, and its battle flag has been used ever since as a symbol of white supremacy.

The kids explain that Confederate symbols were added to Southern state flags in the 1950s and 1960s as a reaction to federal efforts to advance civil rights for black Americans.

“Celebrating the ugliness of the Civil War to oppose civil rights?” one girl says.

The children point out that the white supremacist who gunned down nine black churchgoers two months ago in South Carolina frequently displayed the Confederate flag.

“This flag is a symbol for the N-word,” one boy says, and one of the girls chimes in. “It deserves the F-word.”

“The Confederate flag is a symbol for losers — like, literally,” another girl says. “They lost.”

We love these kids. Kudos to their parents for letting them be involved in this campaign. Do you think the video is effective or do you think they went too far?





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