Catfishy Activism? Popular #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Gets ‘Outed As White’ & Breaks The Internet

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The Shaun King Scandal Explored

Polarizing Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is tangled in a very nasty scandal after reports surfaced that he’s actually 100% white, not bi-racial (as previously believed), on social media.

Hit the flip for an in-depth look into the messy Shaun King saga.

Meet activist Shaun King who was A) believed to be bi-racial B) awarded a scholarship to prestigious HBCU Morehouse College by the Oprah Foundation and C) a prominent leader of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is (reportedly) Shaun King’s father (left), mother (middle) and brother (right).

At some point, Shaun King was involved in an altercation where he was savagely assaulted by “rednecks” and (reportedly) checked “white” as his race.

Of course Shaun King clapped back at the messy accusations that he’s 100% white (which only sparked more unanswered questions).


Known as Black? Sooo, he was actually white the entire time? Or…

Hurtful? Scandalous? A parent cheated? WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN, SHAUN KING?!

Black Twitter didn’t waste any time dragging Shaun King straight to Hell.

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    The Rachel Dolezal comparisons were almost too easy.

    To be fair, young Shaun King actually looks Black-ish here.

    But no one actually knows the truth which makes us wonder why Shaun King won’t just squash the scandal by saying “Yes, I’m [Insert Race Here].”


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