Jared Fogle Continued Child Sex Crimes Even After Friend Was Arrested

THIS guy!

Via RadarOnline

Jared Fogle must have known the cops were on to his child sex crimes, but the disgraced former Subway spokesman allegedly continued to blatantly break the law, RadarOnline.com has learned.

As Radar reported, Fogle’s best friend Russell Taylor, 43, who served as executive director of the weight loss icon’s charity, The Jared Foundation, was arrested in May for secretly filming nude young children in his home to produce kiddie porn.

But for at least a month after his pal’s takedown, cops claim Fogle continued to commit disgusting crimes involving innocent minors.

In court documents obtained by Radar, authorities say the married father of two trolled for prostitutes, often young girls, on the internet until June 23, 2015— more than a month after Taylor’s takedown.

Fogle must have known police were about to discover his involvement in Taylor’s dark, depraved life.

Investigators claim the 37-year-old received “images and videos of nude or partially nude minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct” from Taylor, and even “made comments approving” of his friend’s disgusting habit of filming the minor victims without their knowledge.

B-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

In a sick twist, Fogle even allegedly knew some of the child victims.

“In some cases, the Defendant met the minors during social events in Indiana,” documents read.

Man, Satan is gonna roll out the RED CARPET for Jared when he dies. He’ll prolly give him a nice condo on the newly renovated Bill Cosby wing of Hell. Not a very pleasant place, but hey, at least the weather is warm!


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