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10 Rumors About Rihanna That Everyone Seems To Believe

Rihanna is one of the biggest stars of all time, so naturally she’s going to be a part of some crazy rumors. That’s just how it works. Usually rumors get dismissed, but not for her. Some have persisted and it’s crazy. Just look at these wild rumors that people believe.

Rihanna Has Herpes – This was a rumor for years as Rihanna allegedly would pop up with all kinds of bumps on her lip. So everyone just ran with it.

She Was Chopping Down Justin Timberlake – There was a rumor that she was sleeping with Justin Timberlake, causing his marriage to fall apart. Really?

Rihanna Has Been Sleeping With Jay Z – This is one that won’t go away. Rihanna and Jay Z getting it on behind Beyonce’s back. You think that’s true?

Beyonce Hates Rihanna – Because…y’know…the banging her husband thing.

Rihanna Does Hard Drugs – People allege to have seen videos of Rihanna doing all sorts of drugs beyond Mary Jane. You really think she’s Lindsay Lohan or something.

She Was Chopping Down Leonardo DiCaprio – People swore they were a dedicated couple but they’ve both denied it.

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She Was Getting It On With Rashard Lewis – This is a pic that shows Rihanna allegedly leaving NBA baller Rashard Lewis’ hotel. It’s old, but people just accepted it as truth.

Andrew Bynum Chopped Her Down – She was also linked to Bynum during her post-Breezy experimental phase.

The Elevator Fight Was Over Rihanna – The rumor that persisted was that Jay Z and Solange had their legendary fight in the elevator over Jay wanting to hang out with Rihanna after the Met Gala.

Jay Z Has A Phone Dedicated To Rihanna – This one is hilarious: Jay Z has a phone solely dedicated to Rihanna.



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