Matty Knowles to BET: “It’s Either Bey or Letoya!”

- By Bossip Staff

Daddy Knowles is up to his tricks again. As Mathew is determined to destroy Letoya Luckett’s career, he’s now rumored to have gone to the BET execs and demanded that Letoya Luckett be taken out of the show in order for Bey to perform:

Word on the street is…Mathew Knowles is threatening to pull Beyonce from the lineup of performers if BET allows Letoya Luckett to perform at the awards in ANY capacity. Letoya’s management is fighting very hard to make her performance concrete, but who do you think the execs will side with..Letoya or Bey? The chick’s at a slight deficit here.

Bossip will be at the awards to witness all the drama as it unfolds. Dammit if this man isn’t determined to step on the head of any human to ensure that Bey is in the spotlight.


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  • Nam


  • 1


  • bklyn

    He will get his way !!!

  • Nam

    Money and power…what a combo!

  • Ebony6

    i hope thats not true



  • elle

    I would so want matthew knowles as my manager if I ever decided to be a performer he is a beast

  • BigGntl

    That ish will catch up with him

  • Ksassy30

    That’s a damn shame, they are going to far. I mean damn! They both cant perform. WTF

  • Octavia

    While I Do think the Mama and Papa Knowles could be obsessive stage parents, I HIGHLY doubt this man is going outta his way to keep Letoya or any other DC member down. Why would he? Bey is still the top female singer in the world. If he was gonna be worried about someone, why wouldn’t it be someone who is at least gaining on her, like Rihanna, or Ciara, or even Keri Hilson?

  • LovingLife

    Im not goin to lie….I love me some Bey…

    but can’t we just all get along ??? Let bygones be bygones….

    greeeeeat song..I want to see them both perform…damn Bey do something unpredictable

    and jump on stage wit her to do NO NO NO one more time !

  • Nique


  • uhuru

    Do you notice that anytime Latoya has an album coming out her ppl start up this drama to sell cd’s. and by the way does layota even have a hit record to be on the show? anytime you career not going any where use beyonce’s name to get attention.

  • Symone


    How many times do you plan on posting that?

    Anyway, I bet Matty will get his way.

  • Nic

    Um who would we all rather see? A talented and successful entertainer or some flop? I’m sorry but Beyonces performance are always on point. BET will agree.

  • toby

    If thats true… Its really sad everyone deserves a chance. The market big enough for both of them..

  • Lady J

    Share the spotlight…it’s time for Bey to move over!! Every body can have a piece of fame…

  • smoovee

    Awww damn let Letoya perform…shyt Bey did that show a couple times already…thas fugged up right there

  • Naija Bekee

    LOL @ TB’s comment!

    For real though, I hope that’s not true. It’s just not a good look!

  • Kierah

    Well that’s a manager for you…


    I hope they call his bluff and pick Letoya!!!!!


    Be is gorgeous and talented, but why must her camp be so selfish? I think it’s awful that Mr. Knowles is going out of his way to keep someone else from getting any shine. This is shameful.

  • memememe

    Go Bee!!! I actually like Latoya Luckett to though! But Bee is perferred!! Daddy Knowles is a BEAST!!!

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    LeToya all day everyday.

    Bey is overrated & quite annoying.

    Morning All! 🙂

  • Breaking the monotony (Lean)

    There’s nothing wrong with what he is trying to do…it’s business and that’s how the industry is any industry in business you have to separate your emotions!…you don’t get to the top by worrying baout people’s “feelings”

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