Ho Sit Down: Julian Bond

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The Negro Mafia is working over-time with Hillary Clinton to try to steal this election from our Brotha.

Click here to read about how NAACP leader Julian Bond is working behind the scenes with Clinton to make sure Obama is cheated .

Even with old-time civil rights negro mafia working over-time against him, Obama won MD, DC, and Virginia last night. He is now 8-0 against that shady Clinton during the last 2 weeks. This election is about all kinds of change, including sitting these punk-ass members of the negro mafia down.

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  • Michael

    I’ve enjoyed your site but I think your attack on Civil Rights leaders and those who do not support Obama should stop. Seriously.

  • T

    Is that his wife ? I’m far from racist but wouldn’t an interacial couple be for change that just seems crazy !

  • Obamacan

    Yesterday morning, Obama chose to shop at Dunkin Donuts instead of Magic Johnson’s starbucks. Good for him. Line all these negroes up…so we can smash’em down

  • lovely and amazing

    @ Obamacan

    Thank you proud Obamacan for this info! We need to stop supporting their businesses and enterprises.

  • kj

    Tired of the old false talking politicians. Republicans need Jesus!

    Obama 08′

  • virgo911-YES WE CAN!!

    I live in the DC area and I thought that Obama would win, but not by the margain that he did.His speech was powerful last night.

    To all Obama supporters who do not mind receiving text messages on the latest Obama news text HOPE to 62262!!! You will receive the latest news.

  • jackton

    I saw her on richkiss.com last week. I was dating there. And now I’m in love with a real gentleman.

  • lovely and amazing

    Please check out this article from CNN.com about how Hilary can’t bring herself to congratulate Obama.

    Not only is she a liar, a thief, and a racist. She has poor manners and is certainly no lady. She can’t bring herself to congratulate Obama. What a pathetic bratty witch. How can she run for president? What the eff mnakes her think she can run a country without basic manners or social grace? This is just how stink she would act with world leaders. She’s such a weak b—- prone to pouting and tantrums. First woman president my black a–. More like first infant president. She can’t say congratulations, eff her. That’s diplomacy 101. A 5th grade student body president candidate knows how to say congratulations.


    Posted: 10:30 PM ET

    Clinton did not acknowledge Obama’s winnings or congratulate him on his victories over the past two nights.

    EL PASO, Texas (CNN) – For the second election night in a row, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge or congratulate Barack Obama after he won the day in dominating fashion.

    On Tuesday in El Paso, hours after Virginia had been called for Obama, she stuck to her “Texas campaign kickoff” message and did not stray from an energetic, Lone Star-themed stump speech. She did mention Obama by name, only to chide his health care plan.

    On Saturday night in Richmond, Virginia, Clinton spoke to a crowd of thousands at the state’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, but she ignored Obama’s quartet of blowout primary and caucus wins that day as well (Obama also won the Maine caucuses the next day).

    The courtesy of conceding a primary or caucus loss — and then congratulating your opponent — is by no means required. But it has become standard practice during campaign season.

    Clinton congratulated Obama and John Edwards after their first and second place finishes in the Iowa caucuses. Obama returned the favor in New Hampshire, saying Clinton “did an outstanding job.” That courtesy continued through the early states.

    But as the race has shifted to a delegate chase with dozens of states in play around the country, the notion of congratulating one’s opponent seems, for Clinton, to have fallen by the wayside.

    – CNN Political Producer Peter Hamby


    I would NEVER vote for Bratllary!!!!

    OBAMA 2008!!!!

    YES HE CAN!!!!

    OBAMA 2008!!!!

  • http://iheartmysugardaddy.blogspot.com Kiki

    Yes We Can, Obama – future grammy award winning president of the US.

    The Clinton’s must be handing out fat checks to these people or promising money for their particular political interests. I don’t like it.


  • Don C

    I won’t lie people, not that I don’t have FAITH because I do I just didn’t think OBAMA would do as well as he has..I am happy he has but let’s face it! is AMERICA really ready for a Black Pres?

    50 pennies dumb ass said something similiar. YES! AMERICA IS READY FOR A BLACK PRESIDENT!




    @lovely and amazing, i thought i was the only one who noticed that. Mrs Clinton and her camp are coming up with way too many excuses as to why Barrack is winning, instead of giving the Man is props . It’s gotten to a point where they are even down playing his wins.

    Some of the tired excuses from the Clinton camp:

    He’s only winning in caucus states, and caucus states aren’t really that important.

    Caucus states are undemocratic and cater only to party activists

    Southern states, like Louisiana, have “a very strong and very proud African-American electorate,” so it a black canidate is expected to win.

    states like North Dakota, Idaho and Kansas — all of which Obama won on Super Tuesday — will never choose a Democrat in the general election anyway.

    The excuses are wearing thin, from Maine to Washington state. Even if Clinton does win the nomination by delegates, her failure to win popular votes is indicative of electability.




    I also find it interesting that the same pundits who said Clinton would win MD and VA due to strong democratic establishment that favor her, are now saying it makes sense that Barack won because of the black vote.

    My response to them is shut the fuk up. Barack not only won hands down, he also cut voters from clinton’s base, and i’m glad that black folks are making their presence felt in this election.

    We are letting the democrats know that we are hip to the game, and the days of expecting that we’ll eat any and all things they feed us is hopfully gone.


    I have nothing against Mr. Julian Bond, but i think he and some of the old guards who have high-jacked the NAACP need to focus their energies on restructuring the NAACP as a viable political and human civil rights organization.

    It is sad that the same old guards running around talking bout experience have been unable to turn the NAACP around. Many NAACP offices have closed, and the national organization continues to struggle financially.

  • cari

    to N,

    The hoax that the NAACP is referring to is an email that’s been attributed to them with the title “10 Reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton”. The story about Julian Bond asking for the FL and Michigan delegates to be counted even though the process was not at all fair to the candidates is TRUE.

  • http://www.myspace.com/cafefidel Che Dilla

    EXCUSE ME! How did that article show Julian Bond working behind the scenes to help Hillary Clinton? Did YOU even read the article?

    Your blatant attacks on black leaders is not going unnoticed. You’re blogs are doing more harm to black people than any person who is supporting Hillary. By the way, do you know Hillary’s history with the Civil Rights Movements and black voters dating back to her college years after she left the Republican party? I’m all for Obama but you need to do more research.


    @THE DEVIL HIMSELF, i don’t advocate the lyncing of any black person due to political or Ideological differences.


    @Che Dilla, are they “black leaders” or are they “leading blacks?”

    There’s a difference. These days we have way too many leading blacks who have ordained themselves as leaders of the black people for self aggrendizement

  • QG&#@


    You need to pay attention. The black vote isn’t getting split. The white vote is. Barack carried OVER 80% of the black vote last night and is gaining more black support in every election. That’s not exactly “splitting” the black vote homie. Barack did carry 49% of the white vote though. Now that’s splitting a vote. Pay attention or don’t talk.

  • Lube and a Tube Sock

    lol i don’t get mad at the borderline inappropriate comments..I get mad that I didn’t come up with it first

  • Harlem Chic

    I love the term “Poverty Pimps”…

    I’m gonna have to jack that term…

  • Lube and a Tube Sock

    lol and to all those who say they don’t have a problem with interracial dating…take a look at this picture..Lol and don’t tell me he fought all them years so you could look at this photo and not get offended..this is utterly ridiculous..He isn’t some athlete! He is the leader of NAACP and he’s got himself a Becky..lol we’ve have officially lost our minds

  • lovely and amazing

    WTF is in the water people?

    Harvard giving free tuition to lower income families.

    Austraila’s apologizing to the Aborigines.

    People are hip to the KKKlintons (RIP Ron Brown).

    Black folks are hip to the long been phony and self-serving civil rights “leaders”.

    Oprah gave a white woman her ass to kiss.

    The Kennedy’s handed the keys to Camelot to a black man.

    Obama is the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

    Black youth are voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I dare say consciousness is rising in the world in our lifetime?

    Yeah, we still got ways to go. But no one can tell me this is not a phenomenal start.

    OBAMA 2008!!!

    YES HE CAN!!!

    YES WE CAN!!!

    OBAMA 2008!!!

    YES WE WILL!!!

  • Lube and a Tube Sock

    lol we have no pride in our community what so ever…Maybe you self-hating chumps are right…”we should only align and validate ourselves by others approval”…”white man knows what’s best for us”…thats what got us on the boat in the first place

  • Harlem Chic

    I’m feeling you…Lovely and Amazing….

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