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Everything between Hovvy Hov and Def Jam is “sweet”:

“It wasn’t a hostile thing. I was with L.A. last night. We still gonna continue to work on [projects], just not [with me] as the president of Def Jam. But everything is sweet. I got so many different options. I wanna continue to push the envelope, represent the culture well. Make the people proud. The next thing is gonna involve a little bit of everything. It has to involve music, ’cause I love music.

“But I have so many other skills as an entrepreneur I can add to that. Even with the decline in CD sales, music [consumption] is at an all-time high. … People still love music as much as ever. I’m trying to help other artists figure that out so you can make beautiful music and you don’t have to pay your bills with your CDs. You’re making money in so many other places. I’m just trying to figure that out.”

Yawn. If he gave a fu*k about any of those artists maybe their albums would’ve have dropped too, not just American Gangster. You do have to respect his business game though…


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    I am killin’ em out here!!!

    I wanna share this one with GammaRay…we did it!!!

  • Divababy

    Jay will always stay on top of the game. He’s a busineess man!!! I can’t wait till he hits that billion dollar mark which should be in about 5 years!!

  • Stringer Bell

    this mans swag is impecable!!

  • da darkness

    he’s got a tailor problem. never does his suits fit all that well. look at a usher suit drapped and the mess that is put on jay. thus tall men never look that good in suits. it’s always to baggy or the cuts are so messy. jay stick to jeans bra. or find a real tailor

  • DaPrezident

    @da darkness

    anything to hate on him huh?… stop hatin man damn, just cause you only got jeans dont mean Jigga should wear what you wear, if he got money to pay for bad suits and STILL look better than you let him do so…

    Jigga is doin his thing tho, the man is clearly unstoppable, no matter how many people hate….

    “Yung Hov, CEO, the next Lyor, NO, the next leader of the whole free world”

  • Trifling!

    no comment on this one, you trifling men, don’t forget to buy your seetie a card TONIGHT to present to them first thing 2morrow morning ♥

  • Coop

    I’m not a businessman, I’m a Business,Man Let me handle my business


  • Buie

    Jay.. You jus’ keep doin’ your thang… I’m behind you 100%

  • Kompton's Kutie

    We all Luv “Aaron”Shawn Carter! lol!

  • Southern Belle 225

    Goddammit!!! Call me Mrs. Camel…you can get it all day long Jigga!

  • Swag

    L.A. Reid wasn’t the main one that didn’t want to renew Jigga’s contract. Of couse they cool. L.A. Reids boss, Doug Morris and the board were not willing to pay Jay more money. Def Jam can’t pay him the big bucks if they are still loosing money and laying people off. And t’s not like Jay left they company better off than when he got there.

    They still haven’t offically appointed a new CEO and President.

    I hope Doug Morris and L.A. Reid hire Andre Harell as CEO and President to rebuild Def Jam.

    Keep Rockin Jigga. Definatly respect his swag for gettin money. But you suck as a CEO and President.

  • asdf

    The reason why some of you want to see him in jeans is because your not used to dealing with a negro with real money. Real negros with money wear $5,000.00 suits not $50.00 knock-offs. Stick to the boys working the street corner in their baggy jeans. Suits are reserved for real men.

  • asdf

    Oh and by the way, most of yall not expected to know nothing about that anyway. Like a said, stick to the boys in the jeans. It’s more on your level. LOL

  • Sarafina

    I love Jay and he is an excellent businessman but being a true leader and CEO is a whole different ball game. When you’re a leader you have to put your peeps first. Not quite convinced that he succeeded in that area.

  • feefee


    Tell em’ thats a grown azz man he been there and done that(jeans & streetcorners) check the nucca’s resume…as for his suits Jay is tall 6ft 1 to be exact and lanky so no his suits are not going to fit the same way Usher’s would fit and believe me he wears them well baby…

  • Lisa

    Say what you want, I love me some Jigga!

  • jusplayit04

    I don’t get it with Jayz, all you Jay DI@$ riders can say what you want. He isn’t the best rapper in the game anymore by far. He is business minded but I will never give him the level of respect as a 2-Pac, Big, or hell he can’t even mess with Weezy on a track. Most people who are on Jay’s nuts or either people from New York or kids between the ages of 14-23. They don’t know or remember true rappers. Again AMERICA he’s ok average at best, give it a rest with Hov, Jigga, or whatever you wanna call him. And that’s not hatin just real talk

  • what?


  • 504 need i say more?


  • Swag


    all the members of the ROC weren’t there for 10 years. And them succeeding or not on their own is not the issue. It’s about Jays leadership as an executive. As the President and CEO of Def Jam, Jay was repsonsible for running that ENTIRE label including all the members of the ROC .

    Now if Jay is taking money and having meetings to plan for his own album’s, how is that repsonsible when certain artists did not release a album, the entire time Jay was CEO. Jay was too into himself and his “deals” to do his damn job. Plus he was barely in the office on a day to day basis.

    If the rumors are true, Def Jam is in a mess right now. Partly because of the amount of money spent on budgets like million dollar videos done by Hype Williams and other expensive costs.

    Also Jay was NOT involved in all the day to day operations at Roc- A-Fella Records either. Dame Dash, Kareem Biggs, and others held down the company and managed it while Jay was on the road and off recording his albums. Up until Jay was appointed CEO of Def Jam he was never responsible for other artists careers.

  • Fresh Perspective

    I respect the hell out of his business sense. Mr. Charlie been doin sh*t like this for years at the expense of black people, so why are we hating on Hov? The crabs in a barrel mentality is a large part of the problem in our community.

    Reggie Bush needs to contact Hov’s stylist ASAP!

  • Sarafina

    LOLOL dats messed up!

    For real -Swag and Whoa are speakin the truth on this one. I’m still going to the concert with Mary.






  • Scooby Dubious

    I’m feeling his suit game. @ Da Darkness: 100 percent wrong! That’s a bespoke fit. Check how those lapels lie, and the shoulder fit is flawless (very high armholes). Plus flat-front beltless pants. Believe me, he had this suit made for him, and probably the shirt too (no blousing, very hard to achieve with off-the-rack). The peaked lapels make me think Italian, maybe Brioni. Whoever, that suit is brilliant on him.

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