Trey to Kels: Basically…You Suck Now

- By Bossip Staff

The SUPERSTAR that is Trey Songz had a few words for the Pied Pedophile. He claims that upon hearing Jigga’s D.O.A..he immediately wondered when R. Kelly was going to stop using autotune actually make good music again:

First off, anyone who is familiar with my history knows I’m a HUGE R. Kelly fan & have been inspired by him since my early beginnings musically. So while some may take this as disrespect, those who truly listen to the lyrics will understand my urging him to go harder. I’ve been compared to R. Kelly since my career began while we all can recall R. Kelly stepping on the scene sounding AND looking JUST like Aaron Hall. He demolished his sound and then went on to build his own which was a mixture of many others. We all are familiar with his signature adlib “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” which he grabbed from Lenny Williams & let’s not forget the “Bump & Grind” remix which started his Isley Brother’s Vibe. Soon enough he assisted Ron Isley in becoming Mr. Biggs & while keeping Ronald close he kept him on his toes. The R. Kelly we all grew to love was innovative, witty, & trendsetting. If you were to say that R. Kelly has excited you musically as of late, I would question your ears. When I heard JayZ’s “Death of Autotune” my first thought was when will R. Kelly stop using it; The King of R&B with a autotune filled mixtape (not to mention a auto tuned “Double Up” album) disappoints me. If throwing rocks at the throne wakes up the King, consider them thrown.

Ya hear that, Kels? You’ve disappointed lil Trey. Now stop pissing on poor unsuspecting slores and get back in the studio and make some sh*t happen.

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