Yelawolf Defends The Confederate Flag

You Mad, Huh? White Rapper Yelawolf Defends The Confederate Flag In An F-Bomb Laced Facebook Rant

- By Bossip Staff

Yelawolf Defends The Confederate Flag

After getting relentlessly dragged for rocking Confederate Flag attire over a year ago on Instagram, one would think Alabama native white rapper Yelawolf would know that most people aren’t exactly on-board with the old Southern symbol — even more so now after the Confederate flag backlash that ensued after the Charleston church massacre.

Even as such, the rapper went on a curse-laden, misspelled rant on Monday evening, defending the flag and what it represents to southern folks, even saying he won’t let any West Coast “f*ckboys” tear him away from his (racist) roots…

Imagine if he could manage to get half this angry about the unnecessary loss of Black lives at the hands of officers of the law or racist mass murderers? But we guess an antiquated symbol of the Antebellum South and the Jim Crow era is far more important. SMH.




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