Is Jay-Z’s Biological Clock Ticking?

- By Bossip Staff

Hov and Bey have been talking about wanting to have a “big family” for years. After posting the Rappers Above Thirty story, we got to wondering if Hov’s clock might be ready to explode. Flip the switch for more including pics of Beyonce arriving in New York from London

Jay-Z spoke to Chicago radio station WGCI on a number of issues, both personal and professional. The rap icon, who’s tour with R&B singer Ciara lands in Chicago July 7, recently released the single “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)” to promote his upcoming album, “The Blueprint 3.”

Jay revealed the inspiration behind the song, saying that once he saw a Wendy’s commercial using auto-tune it became too much.

“When a trend becomes a gimmick it’s time to move on from that,” Jay-Z said.

Hov also spoke on his wife, Beyonce, saying the two have no plans in the immediate future to expand their family, and that they will continue to tour.

“We got to keep it movin,” Jay said. “Got bills to pay.”

Bills to pay? That sounds like Mathew Knowles talking. Bey’s got enough money to pay the President’s bills for the next 40 years. Hov’s just trying to save face but we know he’s ready for some little ones. The man is over 40. Its Mathew Knowles who’s shutting this ish down. Babies won’t happen until they are cleared by Mathew.


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  • Nique

    First time I’ve seen them even TOUCH each other!!!

  • brownanproud

    omg what a cute pic

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I’m still #1!

  • so sorry

    such a cute pic of them!!!

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    That is a cute pic…

    When is enough enough? Arent they in a possition to let their money work for them?

  • Lil Miss Acid Jazz

    I dont know bout his wife’s biological clock but Jay can make kids til the day he dies!!!

  • Naija Bekee

    *gasps* Damn, are they two actually TOUCHING each other?

    I’m sorry but they have such a bizarre relationship. All this time and they barely hold hands. WTF?

    @ TB – Bey is older than she says she is? This is a first. How old is she really?

  • She will never give him kids!

    Poor hova! beyonce will never give him kids!!

  • Jay please leave BEY!

    In 2006, singer Beyonce told AccessHollywood that she would want to marry,have kids,and win an Oscar all before the age of 30.”Now 27 and married to rapper mogul Jay Z, Beyonce admits in another interview to AcessHollywood(premiering November 16th) that she will still love to win an Oscar but as far as kids are concerned,she is not too sure:“You know, I still would love to win an Oscar,” she said. “The kids, I don’t know… In three years, maybe.”


  • Sharie

    They will have babies when they are ready!Dang-

  • uptowngirl

    Nice picture of them. Biological clock – really? Why is everybody so eager for them to have kids? Maybe they just want to enjoy each other right now? Just a thought.

  • AKEYSfan1981

    This is one of the very few photos of Shawn showing Bey affection. As far as a previous comment about her wanting to win an Oscar, I don’t think that would ever happen for her. Her acting skills is terrible.

  • MP3


    How is he gonna talk about gimmicks? Rihanna is the biggest gimmick ever.

  • Kill-iLL-Lights

    Pavlov’s please, your dogs are salivating all over the photos.

  • Lynn

    Why would his clock be ticking??? he already has a son by that jamaican hoe…

  • Kill-iLL-Lights

    MP3 speaks the truth.


    How is he gonna talk about gimmicks? Rihanna is the biggest gimmick ever.”

  • http://bossipp truthful

    B is not crazy she works out five times a day cant eat nothing but ceral no milk just water so do you think she would really have a baby you know she dont have the body to bounce back she have a baby she gon be a through peice i feel her i wouldnt mess up my body yould know and she know she have a baby she gon look just like Ms.Tina me personally i think she dont want black kids period you think she gon let solonge have a cute baby and she have a baby by jigga man i think not she dont want a ugly body ugly kids thats just not b but she know that body gon be through i dont blame her selfish way

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Awwww, smooching.

  • .....


  • pm

    how come people with kids want everyone else to have kids and be miserable like them


    @ tb
    I’m in no way a Bey stan but I can assure you Beyonce is actually 27. There is a nurse at this medical center that I go to and she has their middle school year book on standby! I mean this girl had circled Beyonce and Kelindria (Kelly)and told us stories about how Beyonce would pick on her little brother. The year book was from 93/94 so the age lines up with what Beyonce gives to the public.

  • LOLO

    I listened to the interview and they asked him about Jay and Bey touring together and he said this:

    “We got to keep it movin,” Jay said. “Got bills to pay.”

  • http://bossipp lil b

    B aint stupid she know Hov is in love with Rihannah he shows B no affection but worships Rihanna as a wife myself I would be so hurt no woman want their man worshiping another woman especially when you wont claim me B is dumb for even playing around with Hov even though it a good look for both of them but thats about all it is she need to move on because another man with similar status is not gonna want a 30 year old woman opposed to a pretty young thang I think Hov is blocking on B along with having his cake and eating it too I think its B clock ticking not Hovs as long as a man got money a woman don’t care but dont nobody want a woman who has to wear makeup hair weave all that drama B gon have to let it go i would be tired of hair the lashes the hair and makeup EVERYDAY im pretty sure the wake up B looks horrible take away the 3 bags of hair she wears daily the lashes the 3 coats of face paint the nose job the boob job what do you have me

  • facefacts

    lol pay attention folks…jay said he wanted a big family but he never said anything about having a family with Bey so he may just use some jumpoffs..diddy did it, wayne’s doing it and jay is no different….

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