Mammy? The Most Infuriating White Privilege A$$ Moments From The VMAs

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The Most Annoying White Moments From The VMAs

The VMAs is a big celebration of White people pretending like they invented stuff that Black people came up with. Sunday night’s event was maybe the worst, most offensive VMA we’ve seen. They basically spat on Black culture for three hours. So let’s look at the most infuriating moments of the night.

Macklemore Performing – Why is he still here? And why is he performing at VMAs and not Kendrick Lamar? You’re not welcome on our TV screens, Macklemore. Maybe he should text another capable rapper about how that person should have gotten his shot.

Miley Cyrus’ Locs – Really, Miley? Locs? And White people acted like it was all good. Remember when Zendaya wore them people said she smelled like weed. We see you working, Whiteness.

Mammy? – Miley really called Snoop her “mammy.” As in, old slave mother. As in Jim Crow-era caricature of Black people. Mammy? We don’t what you called your grandmother growing up, in 2015 you should no better.

Miley’s Scared Whiteness Leaving Her Body – Look at that fear. You want to act like you’re part of the culture? Well learn to get dragged by a Black woman.

Taylor Swift Saying The First Album She Bought Was College Dropout – GIRL WHYYYY YOU LYINNNNNN WHY THE F*** YOU LYINNNNNN

Iggy Azalea Still Being Alive – We thought we got rid of her ages ago.

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    Salon Calling Nicki “Savage” – This wasn’t about the VMAs…it’s about Salon and this racist a$$ article.

    Justin Bieber’s Elephant Tears – He cried his Blackness away so he could be full-on White again. He’s on the Chris Brown recovery tour but he’s White so it’ll work out for him.

    Rebel Wilson’s Police Joke – She introduced the best rap video by opening with a police brutality joke. This is what they think about us.

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